Target Summer Clearance 90% off??

Target 90 off summer

I have heard from a couple of people that the summer items at Target have gone to 90% off.    I have also heard from several people that items are still 70% off at their store.   So, there is a good chance if you store is still at 70% off today the 90% off markdown will happen tomorrow (Wednesday).

Check out the photo above of all the items Melanie was able to pick up at 90% off.   I am amazed her store had so much left.   She got a kiddie pool for $1.29, horseshoes and bocce ball for $1.99 each, pool inflatables for $.39, kids hooded towels $1.49, outdoor string lights $1.00, tablecloth $.99, and some outdoor toys for $.49!

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 9.53.22 AM

Make sure you keep your eyes open for these 3 packs of sunscreen, they are ringing up at 90% off too.

We would love to see what you are finding, so please share your photos any of the following ways:

 Thanks Melanie and Nicky for photos and Erica & Lindsey for head up on sunblock deal!

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  1. Toni says

    One store near me was 90% and was was still 70% but I got a bunch of stuff at the 90 off store the chat broil grills marked 18.00 are ringing in at 1.80! They were in the regular grille aisle

    • Jen says

      WHOA! Didnt even think of checking out the grill section this AM. I was there did great with summer clearance lots of great stuff for a bday party coming up, but did not think about the grill section!

  2. says

    I bought the three pack sunscreen. It rang up 1.39 plus used 5% cartwheel and 1.00 off coupon so made them almost free. I bought 4 of them.

  3. vilanda lee says

    Summer items are still ringing up full price where I am at. They only have some summer items in the clearance section. Those are ringing up 90% off.

  4. Knox says

    There is also the limited edition beach bag ringing in at $0.99. Only hot pink color found in women’s and beach bag section. They are heavy duty, pink stripes and plastic pockets on each side. Someone also posted about the Cool Gear EZ-freeze bpa free water bottle found in the ziplock bag section earlier. They are two sizes, both with blue lids and clear bottoms for $0.59 and $0.79. Great find thanks for the heads up. I also went and found beach towels today for 90% off. Thanks everyone for your help.

  5. TwinsMommy says

    Does anyone remember if the big bubbles solution go on sale with the summer toys or the other things. I remember seeing them last year going on 90% off with the sidewalk chalks…

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