Target: Back-to-School Lunch Boxes, Water Bottles, & Thermos’ 30%-50% off

It looks like Target is finally starting to clearance some of the back-to-school items.  The store in Renton had all of the lunch boxes, water bottles and thermos items in the back-to-school section marked down to 30% off.

I did fine that a few of the lunchboxes were marked down to 50% off, including these Star Wars ones.

It shouldn’t be long before we see all the back-to-school supplies go on clearance.   The backpacks should be marked down soon too!    The clearance in the back-to-school section will vary by location, if your kids head back to school in August, the clearance will probably come sooner than those that head back to school in September.

Thanks Rebecca!

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  1. Brandy says

    Your BTS section is so organized, mine in Orlando was a mess. I found 30% as well, but the pink “I Carly” thermos was 50%.

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