Target: Soccer Cleats 70% off

The soccer cleats had been stuck at 50% off for awhile, but they finally went down to 70% off at Kent, WA. Clearance varies from store to store, so you may not find the exact same markdown at your store,

These are marked down to only $5.98 (reg. $19.99). At this price it might be worth picking up some for next year.

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  1. Sara says

    Were both the boys and girls marked down at your store? Because at my store the girls (pink/black) were all marked down and the boys were all full price. Which is a bummer b/c my daughter hates soccer and my son needs new cleats!

  2. Christy says

    @Sara That’s a good question! My kids didn’t need any so I didn’t check for sizes or colors. I do know that some were black and pink because the lid was off on of the boxes. I am pretty sure I saw a pair of boys at a different store.

  3. Lisa says

    Thanks so much for posting this! I am in Ohio and I read your post and ran right to Target and found 2 pairs at 70% off! Thanks for the heads up!


  4. Christy says

    @Lisa I am glad I could help! It’s such a great deal, especially since it’s so expensive to have kids in sports.

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