Target: Seasonal Summer Items are Stocked!!

The seasonal section at the back of the store has been stocked with the summer items. I noticed quite a few DC Comics items this time around. Wouldn’t it be great if those items make it to 90% off? Since this is a seasonal section many of the items in this department will eventually get marked down to 30% off, 50% off, 70% off and finally 90% off (Food seems to be an exception to this rule now). These items will start to be clearance in July.

Here are photos of lots of the new summer items:

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  1. SK says

    When I saw these at my Target I was so excited since everything looked so nice, cheery and summery….. can’t wait for them to go on clearance ;-)

  2. Lauren says

    How funny, I was just at my Target (in CA) this morning and they had none of this out. Our back section is still filled with bulk items on 15-30% off clearance. The dollar section doesn’t have any patriotic items yet, either, but I found a few cute Red Dot items at 70% off!

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