Target: Plus (+) Sign Dollar Spot Items now 70% off

july dollar

Great news!   I have received several reports that the Target Dollar Spot items with a + sign are now 70% off.    

july dollar 2

These items include patriotic items as well as picnic type items and outdoor water toys.   If you find some great stuff, we’d love to hear about it or see a photo.    A big thanks to everyone who let me know about this markdown.

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  1. Fern says

    My So. Florida store had signs up for 70% off plus (+) items, however, I scanned many items and found some water stuff and crayola socks with black triangles on tag that rang 70% off. Found 2pk black dry erase markers (like sharpies)and 3 pk mini red, green and blue markers rang up 70% off but other dry erase markers and erasers were full price. I also found Glide flossers 20 ct, Clear men’s shampoo and women’s conditioner for $.30 in the dollar spot. I also found the crayola gum kid’s toothbrushes for $.30. My suggestion is scan anything that interests you. My store will salvage these items Monday.

  2. Teri says

    Also yes to blueberries towelettes. Check your travel section i found the crayola tooth brushes there. Also check the normal floss aisle i found the floss picks there which are awesome btw. Also the scunci hairbrushes and 2-pk headbands. And 2-pk small gift bags. Bubble wands. Basket liners (double as gift bag tissue decoration).

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