Target: Plus (+) Sign Dollar Spot Items Now 50% off

july dollar

Great news!   Many people are reporting the Target Dollar Spot items with a + sign are now 50% off.     The great news is that these items include the patriotic 4th of July items which will come in handy tomorrow!

july dollar 2

You will also find picnic type items and some outdoor water toys with the + symbol on them.     Woo hoo!     If you find some great stuff, we’d love to hear about it or see a photo.    A big thanks to everyone who let me know about this markdown.

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  1. Paula says

    I can’t seem to find much left of the patriotic items :(
    Was hoping to find some goodies when dollar spot gets marked down!
    Happy 4th to all :)

  2. Christine says

    I found Disney Frozen Socks for girls- Anna and Elsa- in various sizes. They were scanning at the full $1 but clearly have a large plus sign on the tag, so the cashiers adjusted the price.

  3. Teri says

    Lol i don’t know why but i love those food baskets and liners. Maybe it’s the plaid. I use them for non greasy stuff like bagels/toast/fruit. My 4 yo doesn’t want to eat from them though. Was looking forward to shopping today but the baby woke up with a fever…teething. Happy shopping y’all :)

  4. Mel says

    I went to my store and got a few things! But there was no sign up…did anyone notice the dates on te sign or when it might go 70% off?

  5. Melinda says

    I found lots of Hello Kitty items at 70% off today. Stickers, headbands, playing cards, wipe off boards, beach balls, stickers, and coloring rolls.

  6. Fern says

    My So. Florida store was also 70% off today, however, no signs of any % off. Many of the black + items were ringing up at regular price, such as the frozen socks mentioned by another poster, 3 pk bubbles, hello kitty mechanical pencils, plastic plane, boat, and trucks for water and sand. I took them to guest services and they told cashiers to price adjust them to 70%off.


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