New Target Mobile Coupon $10 off $50 Food or Beverage Purchase


There is a new mobile coupon you can request, this one is for $10 off food or beverage purchase of $50 or more.  Just text GROCERY to 827438 to have this coupon delivered to your phone.  Coupon expires 4/19/14. This coupon will also be available in the Target ad that comes out 4/13/14.

Please note this coupon does exclude baby food, nutrition shakes & bars, alcohol, pet food, Target Cafe and Starbucks cafe.

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  1. Pam says

    How does this $10/$50 work? Is it $50 after ALL Target coupons, cartwheel, etc but before manufacturer coupons? Just curious…trying to get the best deal. Like with the Frosted Mini-Wheats that have a 50% off cartwheel & $3/3 mfg coupon…what part of that price works towards the $50 threshold? The originial price, the price after cartwheel, or the price after mfg? Thanks for any help!

  2. John says

    i present the $10 off $50 first and then all the rest and don’t have a problem. Cartwheel comes off last but it comes off of the after coupon price, I have heard that if you use target coupons first and then the $10 off $50 it may not meet the threshold.


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