What to Expect Target in July (70% Toy & 90% off Summer Clearance)

July is a BIG month for clearance deals!   Here are some of the sales and clearance deals you can expect to find at Target in July.  These are the major departments that we will see clearance in, but really almost every department will have great clearance deals this month.

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Toy Clearance: The BIGGEST deal at Target in July is probably the 70% off toy clearance.   Toward the end of July, Target marks down a nice selection of clearance toys to 70% off.  They do this in order to make room for the new toys that are coming in for the holiday season.   You can learn more about the Target 70% off toy clearance HERE.   The markdown usually takes place the last week of July.

Remember, most stores markdown their toys on Thursdays, so that is the day the markdown will probably take place.   I do know of some stores that do the markdown on Wednesdays, so there is a chance that your store will do the markdown on Wednesday.   There is no guarantee which day it will happen, it’s just a “wait and see” kind of thing.    I will be posting lots of information regarding the clearance sale throughout July in order to keep you informed. Make sure you “like” All Things Target on Facebook to stay up-to-date on this big sale.

If I had to make a guess, I would say that the markdown will probably take place on Thursday, July 30th.   Having said that, I have noticed my store already has some toys at 50% off, so they may mark things down in waves instead of all at once.

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Summer Clearance:   Another great section that goes on clearance is the summer section.   All of the items they brought in for summer will get marked down in July.   These items will go as low as 90% off!!     Here are the days the markdowns took place last year (just to give you an idea of when they may happen this year):

  • 70% off happened around July 13, 2014
  • 90% off happened around July 16. 2014

School Supplies:  July is a great time to buy school supplies, before you know it we will see the pack of the store filling up with lunch boxes, folders, crayons and more.  We should see some great sales as well as coupons for school supplies that can translate to FREE items.   Last year we saw FREE pens, Scotch tape, Sharpies, Rose Art items and more.

Patio & Garden Clearance:  The remaining patio furniture  and garden clearance should go down to 70% off sometime in July.    Last year most people saw these items go to 70% off the first week in July.     There is a very good chance we can see the same happen this year, they need to clear out the department so they can make room for all the school supplies.

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Baby, Shoes & Clothing:  We should also see some baby items, like car seats go on clearance to 50-70% off during the month of July.   Most stores reported the 70% off markdown happening the last week of July last year.   We should also see some shoes and clothing get marked down to 70% off this month too.  The baby markdowns usually happen on a Monday.

Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 7.04.15 PM

Eddie Borgo for Target:  July 12th the next designer line will hit Target stores and Target.com.   This line consists mainly of jewelry and bags.   You can head HERE to view the Eddie Borgo lookbook.

With so many departments clearing things out we will see lots of brand new items at Target too.   I love, love, love shopping Target in July!!

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    • A.R says

      Where are u located?.. Or rather which target store did you find it?..I’m really in need of baby stuffs..thanks

  1. Rachelle S. says

    I discovered your site a few days ago and I’m loving it. I see that you mentioned that toys typically go on sale on Thursdays. That’s a great tip. Can you tell me what days I would typically see cosmetics/beauty items go on sale? I love snagging a great clearance/sale deal on those Target endcaps. Also, what days do they typically mark down women’s accessories? Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to this site. As a teacher, I spend way too much on school supplies for my classroom, I’m looking forward to getting some great deals this year!

  2. Paula says

    I’m in Chicago suburbs, and patio went 70% last week for us as well. They just started setting up back to school area today!

  3. Knox says

    Two stores went 70 on patio last week Wednesday or Thursday too. All cleared out today and back to school is already set. Also, I did see the toys being marked to 30 already on one half isle. This is in Honolulu hi.

  4. Lindsay says

    I just picked up a Navy Blue & White Chevron Outdoor Rug for $14- marked down 50%. And the other day I picked up two of their adirondack chairs plus two ottomans all for $140 (http://www.target.com/p/threshold-bryant-faux-wood-patio-adirondack-chair-brown/-/A-14671141#prodSlot=large_1_1&term=adirondack+chair). They were marked down 70%! And I picked up all sorts of different outdoor cushions and pillows for 30-50% off. I do find that if you see it and you like it, I wouldn’t wait to come back and get it. Especially with them wanting to clear that whole section out to make room for the school stuff.

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