Target: Bulk Clearance now 50% off??

target bulk clearance

I am hearing several reports of people finding the bulk clearance is now 50% off. These items can be found at the back of the store or you may be able to find the items in their respective departments on a clearance end cap.

Keep in mind that clearance will vary by location so there is no guarantee that you will find the exact same markdown at your store.

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  1. megan says

    I was sad- went to my Target in LA today and they had cleared out the whole Bulk section and were putting up the Spring stuff :(

  2. Michelle says

    Dawn was 50% off at my target on Long Island — $2.48 for 2 bottles. There were a bunch of “2 pack” items on sale. I need to go back with some more coupons!!!

  3. Cindy says

    The Targets in my area of Nashville, had cleared out the Bulk section yesterday too. I did find one today that was just clearing it out, but only had diapers left and they were only 30%. However, since I was already there I checked out the toy section and found Lego sets for 70% off. I was so excited. So the trip was worth it for sure.

  4. Jennie says

    Your target’s clearance is always so nicely displayed, all the targets I go to have the clearance all messy and disorganized

  5. Renee says

    I went to 2 Targets today, I found the items from the bulk section back in their different departments. Still a few deals out there!

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