Target: Black Dot Dollar Spot Items 70% off

target dollar spot

The black dot items in the Target dollar spot are finally ringing up at 70% off. You may also want to check the black ovals and some of the items with a black plus sign, because those items were also ringing up at 50% off for me earlier in the week.

You may find that some of these item have been moved to the back with the Easter clearance, at least that was the case at my store.

I’d love to see photos if you score any great deals! You can share your photos any of the following ways:

Thanks to Olivia for he picture and the heads up!

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  1. MBF says

    I scanned one item, so I knew, but I also scanned the bar code of an Easter item I brought in with me, so I zoomed straight to where I knew the 90% items would be mixed in. I only had about 20 minutes, so it was a bit like supermarket sweep, I spent $23.31 and saved $201.46. Only one store. I may check two more after work.

  2. Xander says

    Banzai Giant sidewalk chalk/play bucket tin- black dot item is ringing up $0.90 @ 70% off. Some of the black plus and black ovals were not ringing up at 70% off. Nor we’re all the black dots ringing up at 70%. This is in Honolulu.

  3. elsa says

    Easter clearance up to 90% and food items to 50% at Target in Monroe NY. I scored 5 packs of Easter Plastic Eggs (12 count) for .08 cents each. I will take a pic of the these things I scored today and post on FB :)

  4. Amy says

    How often do dollar spot reductions happen? I’m trying to score a ton of the little Buzzy sunflower seed kits to use as wedding favors. They are black plusses, but I went to my Target yesterday and they weren’t reduced at all. I can’t afford to miss this, lol!

    • Christy says

      More times than not, it seems to happen the day after a holiday, since so many items in the section are holiday or seasonal. I am thinking those items may go on clearance around the 5th of July along with the items that are 4th of July themed. That’s just a guess though! I will do my best to post as soon as I hear something.

  5. holly Bauer says

    Desperately looking for 2 metal flower pots in either black or white for daughters shower. They were in Targets dollar deals…about 5 to 6 inches tall and top rim was cut out like edge of a doily..need before Nov 8th. Thank you


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