New Halloween & Fall Items in Target Dollar Spot

The Dollar Spot at Target is filled with new items for Halloween and fall. Here is a peek at the new items you may find at your store.

dollar spot 1

  • Large costume glasses
  • Glow wand, sticks and more
  • Reflective stickers and braclets
  • Halloween Bingo

dollar spot 2

  • Chocolate coins
  • Halloween candy bowls
  • Disney Halloween board book
  • Halloween tins

dollar spot 3

  • Decorative scarecrows
  • Wooden fall signs
  • Glow in the dark lanyard and bracelet kit ($3)
  • Fall themed tin buckets

dollar spot 4

Glitter pumpkins
Glow in the dark fangs (8 ct)
Mini decorative gourds
Fall felt bags

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  1. Kim says

    My 6 year old son wants a small hand sanitizer that has hands. I believe it was sold at the dollar spot in target. Now only Halloween things are there. Is there anyway I can still buy the hand sanitizer?

  2. Amanda Dudziak says

    Good Morning,

    I recently purchased a plush felt Owl from the Dollar section of your store. The tag says it was distributed by NewClassic, but I can’t find the item on their or your website. I would like to purchase a few more. The product codes on the tag are 234020935 and F16896590. I can’t seem to locate it anywhere on google or otherwise online. Are you able to advise if I can purchase these direct from taget, or how I could go about purchasing more of these?

    Thank you,
    -Amanda Dudziak


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