New Dollar Spot Items (Valentine’s, St. Patricks Day, Dora)

There are some new items in the Target Dollar Spot including items for Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day.

There are some new Valentine themed boxes.

Some craft supplies like pipe cleaners, glitter glue and pom pom balls.

Heart shaped boxes for Valentine’s Day.

I think these mailboxes are super cute.

New socks are in with hearts and stuff.

Valentine heart and colored sprinkles.

Valentine themed craft kits.

Dora Rocks coloring books and more.

They even have some 2-pack sets of toast stamps.

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  1. mitzy monroy says

    Hi i am so mad i didnt know tqrget had those perfect lil theme boxes ima do my babys 1st bday n the theme will be an owl i only found a box in my target and i know those were from Valentine’s day ugh is it possible to get some i need 40 of them for candy!:(? those are just perfect

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