My Weekly Target Shopping Trip (Saved More than 70%)

I was thrilled to find lots of great 70% off deals when I hit Target this week. Here are the items I picked up, everything I bought was 70% off. Woot! I was able to purchase over $1000 worth of merchandise and I paid around $250. I picked up the tens and one of the backpacks for my sister, so I won’t personally be keeping everything here.

target trip 1

My favorite find was the accent table!

  • Accent Table $26.98 (reg $89.99)
  • (2) Backpacks $11.98 (reg $39.99)
  • (2) Ping Pong Paddles $2.48 (reg $7.99)
  • (1) 4 Room Tent (sleeps 10) $77.98 (reg $259.99)
  • (1) 8 Person Tent $27.04 (reg $179.99)   More than 70% off!!

target trip 2

I was in need of a bike so I was so excited to find them marked down to 70% off. I bought a bike that was marked down to $110.98 (reg $370). It gets even better because there was a coupon to get 10% off the price of the bike when you bought any helmet or bike accessory. I knew the 10% discount would save me $11, so I looked for an item that was less than that. I was thrilled to find a bike basket also marked down to 70% off, it was $6.83, so I saved even more than if I hadn’t purchased the basket.

I’d love to hear what great deals you have picked up at Target this week, I know many of you have found great deals too!

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  1. Kirsten says

    I live in the Bay Area of California and I have 5 nearby Targets. None of them ever have the deals you post about. Things sell out fast here and they rarely stay around long enough to hit 70% off. Things that are still here still don’t hit that 70%. I was thrilled though to find the accent tables and that they were marked down even though the tags still said $62.

    • Cathy says

      I agree Kirsten ! I now live in Los Angeles. It’s very hard to find deals 70% off ( other than in the clothing department ! ). And it seems like the local Targets are way behind the WA stores on marking their merchandise down. 2 weeks ago, Xmas Softsoap hand wash was still only 15 % !!!!!!!! Ridiculous. I lived in WA for 5 years, moved back here less a year and a half ago and have yet to find a deal as great as the ones I found there or that are posted on the blog… I think it is due also to the fact that it’s more populated. People will buy before the price goes that low. You’re better off shopping at a Ross/ Marshalls/ TJ Maxx to find similar deals on similar items.

  2. Melissa says

    I too am curious where all the good deals are taking place regionally. I am in my local store at least once a week and I seldom find these great deals. I am a huge bargain hunter and it would be nice if state or region was mentioned in the posts.

  3. Katie says

    I found a 3 wheeled scooter and cars helmet on Clerance for $20 total, the helmet was only 50 off but it was the last one. I paid $20 total which is less than my sister paid just for the scooter on Black Friday. I’m excited for my nephew to ride it when he comes over today. I also got a bike pump, a rolling cooler, a barbie fishing pole a doc pop up tent and some water bottles at 70 off.

  4. says

    Oh you got the accent table, too! Is yours red, too, Christy? We ended up getting 2 when they were 50% off (not as good of a price) but we desperately needed them & knew they wouldn’t last. My hubby also got the bike last night – he’s been looking for a year & couldn’t beat that price! Thanks for the heads up on the bikes!

  5. Allison says

    Got a West End popcorn popper and a bike rack last night…both 70% off and both $20 bucks give or take a few bucks. Also got plus size fleeces for women for $8 at 50% off (so hard to find nice plus size clothes cheap). That was at a Target south of Boston.

  6. Katie says

    Hello kitty ride on convertible for $56, retail $189 – perfect bday gift for my daughters bday in June. Winter coats – a 3-in-one style for $17 ($60 retail) for my daughter and a great one for my son for $11.84 ($40 original). All set for next winter!

  7. Lisa says

    Although there were some items at 70% off at the Tacoma Target…..(mainly Christmas dresses) most of it was things I don’t need. 1 Direction sheets, anyone?

    All of the regular toy clearance was gone, but they did have some new toy clearance for 15% off. (it may have been 30% but I think it was only 15%) They had 2 My Little Pony items, but they never make it past 50%.

  8. Kate says

    Thanks for speaking up, Californians! I also live in California, near Long Beach. I have many stores near me and have been looking regularly since I found this awesome page, but have NEVER found these kinds of deals, and agree the markdowns are way behind.

    I still love and appreciate this page, but I was starting to feel so frustrated! Glad to hear its not just me!

  9. sarah says

    But you guys get to live in CA! It’s a trade-off. I live 25 miles from any stores and miss out on a lot of deals because of the distance…and snow (Again, you get to live in CA!). But I get to live away from the traffic!

    • Jenn says

      Don’t let the California label fool you. I too live in California and would do almost anything to get OUT! California is in tons of trouble, so be glad you don’t live here. I live over 25 miles away from our one and only target in the area and we don’t have most of these deals. If I don’t buy when the items are 30-50% off, I won’t see them again. Today I was shocked to see the Viper power wheel for $54 at 70%.

    • AnnaD says

      So happy to be leaving the snow for the sun. Californians have no idea what its like to pile on clothes and have to go to work in -40 degree weather and all that with kids!!

  10. Vicky says

    I got the same 10 person tent as you. I was psyched that it was 50%. Now I’m jealous yours was 70%. Still a good deal though and it was the last one. I’m from CT.

  11. Beth says

    Was hoping to find the chairs marked down to 70% of today, but someone beat me to them! Instead, I checked the end-caps and found: $20 of Carter’s baby clothes for $5, and a Nutribullet for 30% off! With my target red card I paid $66.50 for that $100 item!! Have been really wanting one. Definitely pays to check the clearance sections! Also, cartwheel has baby and toddler Chico and Cherokee brands 25% off, so I saved quite a bit getting a swimsuit for my kiddo :)

  12. Mary says

    I went to two Targets yesterday. First one had nothing and what they did have was not 70% off. Second one ( in Forest Lake MN) had more and I found the green. Kitchen stools! Hopefully my kids won’t be able to destroy them!

  13. tine814 says

    I’m glad somebody got the tents, I’m so jealous! We’ve been in the market for a while but don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for a bigger tent. All three Targets by me (in MD) had clearance signs for them but were sold out yesterday. Bummer :-/

  14. janice says

    Our Target is slow on clearance (twin falls Idaho) The big bikes aren’t even on clearance yet-( I did see the 10% deal) But I am always grateful to see what COULD be on clearance SOMETIME or Not. So keep posting!

    And be grateful you live in Beautiful green Washington! I think Calif. also has the problem with prices being higher in that state, and maybe more shop at Target for that factor?? Also send your snow or rain this way- we are in desperate need for moisture.

  15. Yaji says

    Was able to get a bike rack for the car.

    However, I was bummed the Swiss Gear Carry On Spinner I was eyeing was gone, should of went on Friday…(Faint gold color). Does anyone have the DPCI?

  16. Vickie N. says

    Kate – I’m in Cypress and our Target as well as the one in Seal Beach had the 70% off markdowns! You might want to try there next time. I got tons of great toy/baby clearance deals a couple of weeks ago thanks to this site. HTH. Keep up the great work!!

  17. SAR says

    I picked up a Graco Fast Action Jogger for $93, which was about 50% off. It was a great deal I couldn’t pass up since I was in need of a jogger with a front swivel wheel.

  18. Lainey says

    I went to a Target near me in the Bay Area and they didn’t even have that specific tent. All the other tents weren’t even marked down. I asked my friend to check her Target about an hour inland and she saw it marked at $53.98! Not as good as yours but I asked her to get it for my anyway. Original price was $229.99!!

  19. twinmama says

    Thanks to your tip, I went to my Target and scored the last red Threshold side table for 70%!! As I was putting it in my cart, the guy working there saw me doing the happy dance and said, “Oh I’m so sorry. That’s our last one.” I was so bummed because I thought he was telling me it was a sample/floor model and I couldn’t buy it, so I took it out of my cart and put it back on the shelf. He said, “No, no, no, no. You can have it! I just mean, look here. It’s damaged.” I could see minimal damage to one drawer. If he didn’t point it out, I would not have noticed it. “I’ll give you an extra 10% off.” He said that without me saying anything! So I was extra happy!! I paid a total of $23.08 for it after 70% off, 10% off, and my REDCard discount of 5%. Plus, here in Oregon, No Sales Tax!!:)

    Also, Thank you SO much for sharing about the 70% toy sale a couple weeks ago…my two year old twins had a birthday yesterday and I was able to buy them a couple of gifts they adored!! I’m so grateful I found your site!

  20. Jennifer says

    Hit 4 different targets in Dallas on Friday and finally lucked out to find the only clearance tent left in my area, hidden behind tons of other stuff! Snagged the 4 room/10 person for the same as you, $77.98!

  21. Kim says

    I am in Missouri and was able to find the 8 person tent for $53.98 and they also has the $77 4 room tent. I got the 8 person tent. It was the last one so I went a head and got it. We had been looking for some time and I was waiting for it to go on sale

  22. Tabitha says

    Found some folding event chairs 70% off, making them just $6.28. Only a few bikes on clearance in my area but not any that I liked enough to purchase.

    Some other deals I snagged: Glass water bottles by Ello 70% off making them just $3.88 (found in the regular aisles in kitchen area), Burt’s Bees blueberry with dark chocolate lip balm 50% off making them $1.64 (found in regular beauty aisles), and 3 pack of Chapstick variety packs and limited edition packs such as cake batter and candy cane 15% off making them $2.45 (found in checkout lanes–there was a cartwheel deal earlier in week for chapstick too making it a better deal).

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