Giveaway: 5 Winners will receive a $20 Target Gift Card

Winners have been notified via email.    Congrats to:

Author: Jo
Comment: My sister sent me a post from your page. I liked it and subscribed.

Author: Christina
Comment: Google! I was so excited by the baby clearance that’s going on right now, I wanted to see who else was having luck! Came across your blog and now I’m officially addicted!!!! Consequently, I am constantly and simultaneously on here and at Target!

Author: kelly
Comment: I found you through the coupon project.

Author: Teresa
Comment: Hi, found you through my other favorite site: Hip 2 Save! :)

Author: Brooke S.
Comment: I found you through a link last year from I believe “Couponing to Disney’s” blog.

I am just a little excited, because we recently reached over 10,000 “likes” on the All Things Target Facebook page, and a big thanks goes to all of you for sharing All Things Target with your friends and family. We are celebrating by giving away a $20 Target gift card to 5 lucky winners.

It’s been a lot of fun having everyone share their deals and clearance finds on the Facebook page, it’s become a great community for those of us that love Target. Want to enter the giveaway? Follow the instructions below.

Giveaway: 5 Winners will each receive a $20 Target gift card.

How to Enter: Just leave a comment on this post letting me know how you found All Things Target.

Giveaway will close on Monday, January 14th at 9:00 pm PST, winners will be selected at random and notified via email. I will also post the winners on this post once they all have been notified. Good luck!

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  1. Tracy says

    I did a search for target Christmas clearance 2013 and your site came up. Now I’m a subscriber! Thanks for saving me a ton of time and money!

  2. Tatyana says

    I think I found you last year when I was looking for tips about Disneyland.
    Thank you for great giveaway!

  3. Ashley Graham says

    A facebook friend posted a link to this talking about the sales that Target was having. Just heard about this last week!

  4. Janet Nikolic says

    I found your site through a post at another blog. Thank you now I am a huge Target fan.

  5. Lori says

    It’s been so long I don’t even remember but I think it was during one of the target toy clearance!

  6. Anne Himmelbrand says

    My friend and fellow coupon clipper turned me onto this sight. I look at Target in a new light!

  7. Stephanie Mueller says

    I googled “Target clearance schedule” been hooked ever since! 70%off Thursday!!!!

  8. Lisa S says

    It’s hard to remember but I think I clicked over from a link from another Target blog. I only look at yours now! :)

  9. Kristen says

    I found your site while googling to see when the Christmas clearance was going to hit 90% off this year.

  10. Becky N. says

    I was searching on google for “target Christmas clearance schedule” and stumbled upon your awesome site! I love it!

  11. shanna says

    Same as Tracy said above: I did a search for target Christmas clearance 2013 and your site came up. Found it about two weeks ago and have emailed it out to a lot of friends and family. Have saved like crazy because of it! Thank you!!

  12. Megan D says

    I have always loved Target and found this site through Baby Chespskate! Thank you so much!

  13. Carolyn says

    I’ve been reading for a while, so I’m not even sure how I found you… perhaps a Pinterest link? Regardless, love your site! Thanks for all the great tips!

  14. Amber says

    I saw another friend “like” it on Facebook so I clicked on it and love all the savings!

  15. Alison says

    I believe I found you through BabyCheapskate on Facebook. I don’t really remember, but I know the important thing is that I found you! :) Congrats on 10,000!

  16. Heather M. says

    I am also a follower of Thrifty and Thriving so when you started All Things Target I liked it too! Love target and you post all the great deals for me to grab! Can’t wait till the morning for toy clearance. :)

  17. Courtney says

    Found it through being a fan of Thrifty and Thriving on Facebook and she posted about your page being all things target related so I added you. :) it has been so useful!

  18. Diana Simpson says

    I found your blog via a friend who posted a sale you had written about on FB. I am an active follower now and I am sad I have to work tomorrow and can’t check out the toy clearance until after 2 pm = /

  19. Mena G. says

    I saw on my friend Tania’s Facebook that she liked All Things Target and I went on the page to check it out. Afterwards I was like yes, I love this and I love target!

  20. Huong says

    I very recently found you when searching for target’s Jan toy clearance. Love your site and of course I am a subscriber. Thank you!

  21. Michele says

    I was searching for sales at Target and your site came up! Thanks a bunch!!! I love your site!!!!

  22. Alyssa S. says

    I found you through another blog I read & was super excited! Already got lots of great deals & free stuff because of you. Thank you!

  23. Heather says

    I came across “All Things Target” while reading through the Baby Cheapskate blog. I’m now addicted and check “All Things Target” on a daily basis.

  24. Amanda Walsh says

    I did a search for Target coupons and sales and came across your link! It was in the summer and just before the summer 70% off sale, which allowed me to get 90% of my Christmas shopping done! I’m ready for my 2nd 70% off sale tomorrow! Thank you for this site and helping me to find great deals for my family!

  25. Kim B says

    Thanks to Angela at The Coupon Project, I was a fan of Thrifty and Thriving before you started All Things Target, so I’ve read this blog from day 1

  26. Michelle Alvarez says

    I did a search on Target clearance and found this website! I been hooked ever since.

  27. Megan says

    I stopped going to Hot Coupon World and started following you after a internet search on Target deals! :-P

  28. Cindy says

    I was searching recently on Google for after Christmas clearance deals at Target and found your site. Loved it since!

  29. Teri Remsen says

    I found your site while looking for Target deals. I’m so excited to see you coupon match up’s. I even got a Target Red Card because I shop there so much now! Thank you so much for this site and all that you do!!
    Teri Remsen
    Orlando, FL

  30. Annabel P says

    I actually am subscribed to Thrifty & Thriving and when you created All Things Target and promoted it on Facebook, I joined :) I love Target!!

  31. Jenny says

    I heard about your website from a dear friend of mine! Love your site and thank you for keeping us in the loop.

  32. Marjuri says

    One of the pages I follow on facebook tagged you on a GREAT deal at Target… I’ve been hooked since! Thanks for keeping us posted on All Things Target! (:

  33. Aimee says

    I found you through an online mommy friend while we were chatting about the big toy sales. Wish I had found you sooner!

  34. Lydia says

    I found you through another blog I follow. I love target and I love your blog and posts!!! :)

  35. Laura Ryan says

    I found you through another blogsite.. You deserve the success you do such a great job! Congrats!

  36. Linda R says

    Came here from Thrifty and Thriving ;) I’ve been following you for years, back when you were The Bargain Jargon!

  37. Katie B says

    Found through a friend and fellow coupon-er, it’s made my trips to target so much better.

  38. Teresa says

    A friend found your website while searching for Target Christmas clearance. She shared the website with me. I love this website!!

  39. Meredith says

    I think I found you through Baby Cheapskate last summer before the big summer toy clearance

  40. Carissa E says

    I found you through a link on Thrifty NW Mom! I love your page and am so glad to have found you! :)

  41. Nicole says

    I first discovered this site when I heard about the July toy clearance 3 years ago. Ever since then I am a subscriber to this website and Facebook page! There is always good deals to find the your website makes it loads easier!

  42. Alex says

    I came across this awesome website when I googled Target clearance for this past holiday! I love following on Facebook because I learn of all the great savings!

  43. Adriana says

    I searched for target clearance and your Facebook page came up. It’s a great site, thanks for all your information. I found many gifts through your site for Christmas and for that matter to date.

  44. suharita says

    i found you in baby cheapstakes post,both blogs are really helping me alot and to my friends too

  45. Julie says

    I found your site when I was looking for dates for the Holiday Clearance this year. Your site is very informative!

  46. Shelley says

    I think I found it when I was searching for Christmas clearance last week. And now I’m addicted and can’t stop reading every word! I’m looking forward to looking for bargains in the toy department tomorrow.

  47. Kristen White says

    I believe it was through Baby Cheapskate. I love your blog! You have saved me so much money, which has been a blessing with a new baby!

  48. Kirby says

    I luckily came across the page thanks to Facebook networking at its finest! Being a new mom and living 5 minutes from Target, this blog and your posts help me save time and money! Both of which are at a premium these days! Thank you for keeping such an awesome, accurate and up to date blog!

  49. Alexis S says

    I heard of it from my sister in law!- I love the coupon match ups, takes the hard work out!

  50. aisha says

    A friend of mine liked your page and after browsing it i was hooked! love target and thanks to this site i have gotten TONS of great deals!

  51. Katie B. says

    I found you on Frugal Living NW. You’ve helped me save both time and money. Thank you!

  52. Christina says

    I believe I was doing a search for last year’s July toy clearance. I visit your blog several times a week! I love Target!!

  53. Jackie says

    I did a google search for when things go on sale at Target and your site popped up! I knew instantly that I had found a kindered soul! Love your blog!!!!

  54. Farhat says

    I just Love your webside ..All things Target helped me a lot in in 2013 shopping ..Thanks a bunch

  55. Hdm says

    I had searched for something Target and the site link came up…..hooked since. Changed how I shop! Thanks a million!

  56. Emily says

    I found you through another blog. It was good to find a place that encouraged my Target obsession! I love having excuses to take a trip to my favorite store and you give me plenty every day! :)

  57. Jenn fisher says

    Found your site from a banner ad on another coupon blog, I love coupons & saving $$$$$!!!!

  58. Amber says

    I don’t even remember how I found you, but I think I just typed in Target deals in the facebook search engine. It’s funny b/c I live in Tennessee but my husband is from Shoreline, WA, so whenever I hear you reference some stores I know just where they’re at.

  59. Gabriele Carmona says

    was already a fan of Thrifty and Thriving, when you started All Things Target, so I found you thru you:)

  60. Heather says

    I am a part of another deal website (I can’t remember which) and they credited allthingstarget for a great Target find. I subscribed and have been a member ever since!

  61. Christine Perreault says

    I did a search for a certain target clearance item and a article came up with this link !

  62. says

    I heard about you from a friend. I am obsessed with your site and feel like Christmas wasn’t at all stressful for us this year because I was able to find some deals! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  63. Janette says

    I saw a friend ‘liked’ the Facebook page and I checked it out. Now I’m telling everyone about it!

  64. Denitza says

    I did a google search on Target clearance since I found out about the toy clearance last year, and I got a couple of neat stuff for my 7 year old, I found this your page and Im glad I did, thanks for making such a helpful site.

  65. Carol Stewart says

    My daughter-in-law told me about your page. Since Target is my favorite store, I love it! Thanks for all the hints and coupons!

  66. Kat Ramos says

    A woman I know of just shared it on Facebook and as soon as I saw Target, I knew I had to investigate!

  67. Kayla says

    I have to admit, I’m a die-hard Target shopper. I found this site from doing a “Target” search on FB and love getting the scoop on all the deals they have to offer! Thanks so much for the time you take to share it with the rest of us!

  68. Joyce Anthony says

    I found you by searching for blogs about the big clearance sale that happens in January!:)

  69. angie marshall says


  70. Kamlyn I says

    I found you guys through some friends of mine! I love Target, so it’s nice to have a site to count on for deals :-)

  71. Sara S. says

    I found your site through a google search! I love it! Thanks for all the updates. They are so useful and I LOVE Target!!

  72. Kelly Nelson says

    I actually did not “find” all things Target. I was forutnate enough to post a lot of the findings/deals I got at Target and a friend of mine sent me a message about your FB page and from then on I “find” it wonderful! Thank you for everything you do to help us keep a budget by posting on finds we probably wouldn’t be able to catch ourselves =)

  73. Leanne Townsend says

    I have been an avid follower of Thrifty and Thriving and they recommended your site!! Love getting the updates on all things target from All Things Target!!!!

  74. Cindy says

    I found All Things Target through a pin on Pinterest and now I check all the time! Great deals and coupon matchups that I would never know about otherwise.

  75. desi becht says

    I found your site early last year when I just got into couponing. I so appreciate all you do for us!

  76. Sonja C says

    Found your site through another blog. Thank you so much for finding all these wonderful deals!

  77. Katie says

    I just recently found this site…and I already can’t remember how. Probably from other blogs.

  78. cindy diaz says

    I found you by searching target Christmas clearance 2013 on google. so glad i found you although i wish i had sooner!!

  79. Michelle S. says

    Found you on FB….Target has always been a guilty pleasure, so thanks for helping make the bill a little less and often times A LOT LESS!

  80. Amy L. says

    I found your wonderful sight through another blog. I wish I could remember which one, sorry. Great job!!

  81. Rachael W says

    I was shopping in Target’s clearance section and made the comment “I can’t wait to shop when everything goes to 70% off and the lady next to me told me about your site!! LOVE Target do I know I’m going to LOVE your site! :-)

  82. Brooke S. says

    I found you through a link last year from I believe “Couponing to Disney’s” blog.

  83. Chelsea says

    I followed Thrifty and Thriving for a while and then read where you started up All Things Target! Have loved this site tremendously!! Thanks!

  84. Brendah10 says

    Love your site! Found you… I would say last year during the summer clearance event! LOVE you teamed up with baby cheapskate! <3

  85. Rachel says

    I found this site through a friend of mine who loves couponing! I love all your posts and the deals you share with all of us to save as much money as possible! I would never have known about the huge toy clearance they have if not for you! Thank you so much for all your hard work =)

  86. Stephanie says

    I’ve been following so long I don’t remember, but I’m sure it was through facebook one way or another. =0)

  87. Shelley Scarborough says

    I found your site through another coupon blog – which blog, I’m not sure :) I’m sure glad I found your blog though!

  88. Lisa deal says

    It’s been quite some time, but I think I found ATT via baby cheapskate or some other blog site. Regardless, it has been marvelous getting all your great tips and coupon links! A million thanks!! Pls keep it up – I love it and have referred your site to so many others!

  89. Connie Feckers says

    I found you on facebook somehow! Or maybe it was through coupon divas or I get soo many I cant remember but I LOVE Target and everything Target!!!

  90. Nikki drozd says

    I follow baby cheapskate and she always post your blog so I started following! Love ya!

  91. Danielle Matson says

    I found you through thrifty NW mom 3 days ago. Now I’m a follower. Thanks for the great posts!

  92. valorie says

    Last July I googled, when would target have their July toy clearance. And I found your site. I love it, you do a awesome job! I always look forward to Thursdays posts. Thanks for such a great site!

  93. Gladia says

    I found this and was lucked out. I visit a lot of blogs and this was one of them that I came across on google search and I have been a fan ever since!

  94. Barbara says

    I was in the store toy clearance aisle today & a very nice mom told me of the sight. I joined right away & am excited to see what tomorrows sale brings!

  95. Steve C says

    Found you from a friend sharing one of your posts on Facebook! Been subscribed by RSS & Facebook ever since!

  96. Jessica says

    I found you from a posted link on facebook from Baby Cheapskate. But I think I tell someone about the page ever single time I’m at Target!

  97. Holly says

    I Googled target coupons one day and your site came up, I’ve been hooked ever since! Love it!

  98. Heather J. says

    I did a search on ‘Target Clearance’ and you came up! SO glad I stumbled upon your site :)

  99. Monica says

    One of my friends referred me to All Things Target, knowing how much I love Target (who doesn’t?!). I practically live there!

  100. Michelle Z says

    I found you via another blog — can’t remember which one! I think it might have been The Coupon Project. Loving all the Target info and deals! Thanks for all you do :)

  101. says

    I think I googled Target sale dates and your blog was listed!! I have been following ever since!! The July clearance week was fabulous, I am hoping the Toy clearance tmw is the same! Thanks!!

  102. Jessica A says

    I found your site just two days ago. It was mentioned on Baby Cheapskate’s facebook page. Thanks for your posts.

  103. Christine Faunce says

    I have a passion for saving money and getting a bargain. I also love target, so your input about secret treasures has made me search for amazing finds at target and I feel so good after a great buy!! Thank you!!

  104. Katie U says

    A blog I follow gave you credit for a Target deal. So, I decided to follow you. Have gotten great deals from your blog.

  105. Katie says

    Found through another blog that I follow, bargains to bounty. I love target even more now thanks to your blog!

  106. Jess says

    I am also a follower of Thrifty and Thriving so when you started All Things Target I immediately liked it too! I Love target and love that you post so many great deals!! Like the morning toy clearance tomorrow!!!

  107. Britney says

    I am a huge Target fan, and a good friend of mine is as well! She suggested I checkout All Things Target–and I love it!

  108. Stephanie says

    I googled it. I was looking for deals with Christmas clearance. New favorite site. I love target!

  109. Amy says

    My sister told me about your Facebook page & now I’m checking multiple times a day!! Thank you!!!

  110. Laura says

    I found you when you started this because I follow you on thrifyandthriving. I love that you do this site dedicated to target it keeps me up on all of the latest deals.

  111. Christie says

    I have subscribed since you started this blog… I’m also a follower of Thrifty & Thriving which I found when a friend posted a link to a great deal you had highlighted.

  112. Marci says

    I found you through my sister in law… We both love Target and the awesome deals we find there!

  113. Christina says

    I followed a link from another coupon/deal site….I can’t remember which one now! I am so glad I found your site, I LOVE Target!

  114. Jodi B. says

    I found you through Thrifty and Thriving. Target is my favorite store and All Things Target is my favorite site for finding the best deals there. Thank you!

  115. Amanda says

    I was looking for information on the Target toy clearance & stumbled upon your site. I started following the site and then the FB page!

  116. Michala says

    Love your site!! I Just liked you on Facebook this week. I found you through another blog and have come by every day since! :)

  117. Melissa says

    My best friend told me about your site about 6 months ago! You’ve saved me a TON of money! Thank you!

  118. Lynda says

    I found you through Pinterest. It was a link to the mark-down schedule. That was about 6 months ago and I’ve followed you every day since! :)

  119. Erika says

    I follow Thrifty & Thriving and started following All Things Target when you started it. Hoping to go check out the toy clearance tomorrow!

  120. Carrie P says

    One of my friends liked one of your posts and I instantly became a fan! I love Target and all your helpful tips!

  121. says

    Hi! I saw your post on a sale a couple days ago on the website. I’m new to this couponing and I sure have learned a lot from you. Thanks for all you do!

  122. Amy says

    I heard about it from my twin sister. I am so glad she shared it with me. I look up the deals on here every time I go to Target!

  123. Yanea says

    Honestly I have no idea if it was not Google it was Facebook but I tell you what… I love it!!! because Target is “the place” to shop. I have been a follower for a short time but everyday grateful I found you. Thanks for the opportunity and all your saving info :)

  124. Kathy says

    I think I did a search for Target coupons. I have to say I love the blog & check it all the time. Thanks for all your help!

  125. Miranda says

    I found you through google~! If I get picked I will use it to buy clearance stuff~~~ haha

  126. Sarah F says

    I’ve been following Thrifty and Thriving for awhile now, and when you started All Things Target, I started following it as well!

  127. Arielle says

    Word of mouth is a lovely thing! My best friend of 20 years told me about All Things Target and I’ve never looked back! Keep up the great work!

  128. Jodi prada says

    I found you through a friend on Facebook just last week and I’m sure I’ll be a devoted follower!

  129. mary b says

    I was on some grocery coupon sites and saw All Things Target, the rest is history :). I love your site, it has saved me so much $, I tell all my friends about it, Thank You!!!

  130. Alyson says

    A friend on FB “liked” you and then I clicked through and you have now saved me a ton of $. Just calling my local Target to find out when toys going on clearance has been a huge help (Wed mornings!). Thanks!

  131. Sara Tate says

    I recently started using coupons. A good friend recommended your site & Facebook page.

  132. Jeanine says

    I found you on facebook while searching for Target. Thank you for your amazing site, and all the hard work you do to keep us informed. It is so nice to come to one place and find all the coupon match-ups, sales, ect.. , and not have to do all the work!!

  133. twelve30 says

    Found your blog doing a Google search for Target sales & coupons. So glad I did. Thanks for the giveaway.

  134. Lika Shimokawa says

    I found it through a blog that I read. I love your site and it’s saved us so much!! Thank you!! :)

  135. Kim Romary says

    I think I must have found you through Money Saving Mom’s blog, but I can’t really remember! I just know I love your great tips!

  136. Kara says

    I stumbled across your blog last year when searching for Target coupons. I am a huge fan of Target and you have helped me save a lot of money as I transitioned to being a stay-at-home mom to my new baby. Thank you!

  137. lydia short says

    I saw you mentioned on King5 and I have followed you ever since. I tell everyone I meet in Indiana about your website.

  138. Theresa Melega says

    I did a FB search for Target and found you! Now I never go to the Target page without going to yours first!

  139. Andrea C says

    I stumbled across thrifty and thriving a few years ago and then course was introduced to this site through T & T!

  140. Erika says

    I found your site on Facebook on a friends page. Needless to.say I have been hooked ever since!! I tell anyone and everyone who will listen!! I have even made special trips to target to find hidden deals!! Thanks for everything!!

  141. Monica says

    Found you through another blog. She was giving you credits with your name on “hyperlinked” so I clicked on it and boom, there goes your site. =) I appreciate you updating us with so many pictures attached. It kind of gives you an edge in comparison to other blogs. I lovvveeee your site! Thanks for all that you do.

  142. jamie says

    I was linked to this site from another. It is a great site, my only problem is that I wish I found it earlier!

  143. Kristin says

    I found your site about a week ago when I was googling to try to find when Christmas clearance would go to 90% off this year. I’m actually a cashier at a target in Texas! I was trying to stalk the clearance at my own store ;)

  144. Travis says

    I have been participating in the toy clearance for quite some time now and I always wondered if it was just the Target in my area that did this and so I Googled around and came upon your website. I’ve learned a lot about the toy clearance. I thought they only did the clearance once a year, so I was very happy when to learn that Target does it twice a year. I can’t wait for tomorrow, by the way ^.^

  145. michelle says

    Hi Found you searching for target stuff and your site came up loved it ever since . Thanks

  146. Heather K says

    I found your site while browsing through different Target Facebook pages, definitely my favorite!! You do such a great job keeping us Target lovers up to date with all of the great deals!

  147. Brenda says

    I found out about your site through Thrifty and Thriving and now check your site daily! Thank you for all you do!

  148. Andrea Sublette says

    I actually found your site through a google search for Target match-ups. Thanks for all you do!

  149. Lisa H says

    I learned about your site from Kayla Aimee’s blog. I am so glad I did – I have saved so much money.

  150. Erin says

    I was looking for the markdown schedule and you just popped up! :) One of the better “google” finds I’ve come across for sure!

  151. Brandi says

    I met someone at the pool who told me about the July toy clearance and turned me on to the site. Love it!

  152. Meghan says

    I was at Target doing some shopping when a young lady shared all her information about the extreme couponing she did and how all things Target has helped her save so much money to go towards saving for college!

  153. Dawn says

    I have been a long time *stalker* of Thrifty and Thriving :) When you started the ATT blog… I nearly cried. Target is our fav. place to shop and you make it even more FUN! Thanks for all you do!

  154. Tana says

    A friend of mine made a comment on the page and it piped up on my Facebook page so I checked it out!

  155. Chandra says

    my friend Angela at The Coupon Project gave you props so I headed over to your site and love it! :)

  156. Tracy says

    I saw it one my FB page since Target is a “liked” store! Wish there was a “love” button on FB for Target!!

  157. Michele Staples says

    I found Thrifty and Thriving a few years ago while looking for Target deals, so I was super excited when All Things Target came along and have followed it ever since. I refer new couponers to the site all the time, it’s so informative.

  158. Amy says

    My daughter just told me about your site. Can’t wait to start saving! I love Target and it’s only 5 minutes from my house:)

  159. Jaqueline S says

    I heard about it through a coupon club on Facebook called Family and friends coupon club. Congratulations on 10,000 likes!

  160. stephanie h says

    Ive been a follower for so long, came across your blog first while googling Target deals….then your FB page…at the time it only had about 400-something likes :) your fan base has grown so much && so fast in the past yr! Thanks for all you do!

  161. Theodora says

    Thanks for your web site! I was just goggle searching target Christmas Clearance schedule and this amazing site came up “all things target”.

  162. maureen says

    A friend of mine shared your page with me and I am so glad she did! You have saved me a ton of money!!!! Thank you for all you do!

  163. Patrice says

    I found your site from a recommendation from a friend. Love your site, than you for all of your hard work!

  164. Lisa says

    Found you from a friend on Facebook. She suggested I check out your site and get your email.

  165. Sara says

    I found out about you while looking up 2013 Christmas clearance! thanks for the help, and awesome site!

  166. Ashley Farner says

    My amazing friend Emily Taibl suggested I follow your page to find great deals and tips on saving money at my favorite store! So far I love the site, you guys are great!

  167. Tara says

    A friend recommended your website on her money saving blog. Thanks for sharing all of the Target sales :)

  168. Grace N. says

    I must have found it through another FB like, I can’t remember. But I’m glad I did!

  169. Rebecca says

    Found you through another website, baby cheapskate. LOVE your blog. It is my go to before I hit up Target :)

  170. Amber Nickey says

    I am addicted to target clearance, I go multiple times a week to check the end caps. I have been waiting for the toy clearance to go down to 70%, so I typed in Google search to find an answer, and this site came up. I am so excited! thank you so much! Amber

  171. kimberly says

    one of my cousins liked you and it popped up in my feed ages ago – i’m so glad it did because you quite literally saved our christmas posting random things that were on sale at amazon!

  172. Heather says

    Found you through the search engine when I was looking for a site to help finding when they do markdowns. I got tired of stalking the clearance isles on a daily basis!

  173. Lyn says

    I have to be honest I don’t remember how I found your site, but I thank my lucky stars every day I go to target that I did!

  174. Kelly says

    My friend was a facebook fan so I saw it on her newsfeed and “liked” your page and now i’m hooked! Thanks!

  175. amanda says

    Got to know All Things Target via Thrifty and thriving!
    both sites are my favorite!! Thank u !! :)

  176. JP says

    I did an on-line earch for Target clearance and your website came up. So glad to have found you! Thanks for all of your info. and tips!

  177. Amy Fields says

    I found you through one of my Freebies blogs I followed on Facebook. You make note of some great deals and I have used many. Thank you for taking the time to keep us all informed!

  178. Erin says

    A friend posted a link. And since Target is my happy place I had to like your Facebook page!

  179. Becca says

    I googled target coupons and found your site. Love all the match ups and tips on scoring free products!! I read your posts everyday!

  180. Amy Starr says

    Found out about All Things Target from my Facebook Friend commenting on it on Facebook!

  181. says

    I can’t really remember how I found you…..I think that I was looking for the Target markdown schedule? Anyway, I am glad that I did! I imagine you are quite the regular at Target, but that would be a fun thing!

  182. Jocelyn says

    I did a search for the Christmas clearance for this year and found your website! Since then I liked the Facebook page and take a look everyday for Target updates and deals :)

  183. Scarlette says

    I found All Things Target while I was trying to get into the couponing thing. I had started searching for how to sites and found one based out of the military base we are stationed at. I “liked” the page and a day or two later the gal that runs it was raving about this target site. I looked it up and have been following ever since!

  184. Chris says

    I used to go to perimeter perusing a lot to find out when deals were happening but your site is so much more efficient! Thank you for the time you invest!

  185. Shauna says

    My friend sent me a link about the target toy clearance because she knows I live for that sale!!

  186. Megan W says

    I’ve been a fan from the beginning. I’ve been a long time follower of Thrifty and Thriving.

  187. sheila says

    I found you on Pintrest back in Oct 2012. I have saved so much money this year! Thank You!

  188. Siobhan says

    I did a search for Target clearance in July and found your site! I have been looking at it every day since then!

  189. Lesley B says

    I am not really sure exactly how I found your sit but I think it was a google search for target coupons.

  190. brittany bosarge says

    I honestly don’t remember how I found ATT but I am SO glad I did. I LOVE this site!

  191. sonia ch says

    I found you through your other blog thrifty&thriving and I found t&t looking for target clearance days.

  192. Kris says

    Googled about the toy clearance and came upon your Facebook page. Just “liked” it today, maybe I was # 10,000!

  193. gillian says

    To be honest I can’t remember if it was though a google search for something involving coupons, or from another blogger site. Either way, I’m glad I found it.

  194. Laura says

    I discovered your site when I was trying to find ways to save on the school supply lists last fall. I ended up getting the entire list of supplies for only $9 (as opposed to nearly $40 for the PTA kits!). Thanks!

  195. Lindsay S says

    I found you today when I was searching for Target toy clearance! Thanks for the heads up on it!! Thanks for the giveaway and for getting 10,000 likes!!

  196. Sarah C. says

    I found All Things Target through Baby Cheapskate – following your updates there ledme to your site, and I’ve been visiting every day ever since!

  197. Nicole Goldstein says

    I found all things target by one of my friends liking it on Facebook and I’m obsessed. Thank you for helping me find the deals and make money

  198. Vennicia says

    Searched online for info on Target clearance and found you just a few months ago. LOVE All Thing Target! Can’t wait to see all your great finds and savings each time!

  199. Jeanette says

    I have stalked target for years! I had no idea others did too. It is always good to see that even if you at ecrazy, you are not alone. I think I found your blog through Facebook.

  200. Marissa says

    I googled Target christmas clearance deals and your website come up! I’ve been following it ever since. Thanks!

  201. Amy S says

    I love all things target! I came across you when I was searching for information about the big toy clearance a couple years ago! Thank you for keeping us posted on great deals- you save me tons of $$$!

  202. Denise says

    I think I read about your site on another blog site. They were referring to the famous 70% toy clearance. I’ve been to Target everyday this week in anticipation. :)

  203. Karma says

    I don’t quite remember how I found your site but I sure am glad I did! I have saved so much money & have stocked up on a few items. Thank you!

  204. stephen iceton says

    Found your website when I was researching on google about Target’s clearance sales.

  205. Lauren smith says

    Baby Cheapskate & All Things Target are my favorite things to visit every day! I always think “wow, someoe is doing all this work for me!!??” Great site(s).

  206. Lindsey says

    My sisters referred me to your sight for the Target clearance toy sales! Your Disney info. has also been super helpful :) Thank you!

  207. Lisa says

    I found this site through Thrifty NW Mom. I love supporting our local moms! Thanks for all of the tips and finds :)

  208. Alicia says

    My friend (co-teacher) told me about All Things Target. I have gotten so many great deals thanks to your site:) thank you!

  209. Maryjo says

    I followed a lik from Money Saving Mom maybe a week ago? Since then I’ve told everyone I know how great this website is. The clearance schedule alone has made my life so much better!

  210. courtney says

    Found you on a google search for “target deals”. I am hooked!! Thanks for all that you do!!

  211. Iris says

    Thanks for the contest! I love Target; it’s my favorite store to shop. I saw a link to your site from Frugal Living NW. Thanks for the wonderful service!

  212. Kate G. says

    I was searching for Target clearance items on Google, and I stumbled upon your site. I’ve followed it ever since. I might even be a little obsessed. :) Thanks for all your hard work to help us fellow frugal folks save some green!

  213. vivian says

    i found you through babycheapskate on FB. you have found so many great deals for me so i was so happy to share a last minute coupon code with you last month!

  214. Heather R. says

    I found you via’s FB page. Love your blog! Can’t wait to check out the Target Christmas clearance in the morning!!!!

  215. Elizabeth says

    I friend from high school liked your page and I checked it out and liked it as well, I love Target

  216. Marie says

    I saw a post by a friend or through baby cheapskate (I cannot remember-sorry) on Facebook. I am already loving it!

  217. Stacey Kloszewski says

    Found you by doing a search for target clearance. Im addicted to your site and Facebook page. Thanks for all the deal alerts.

  218. Dana says

    I found you through facebook and I have been saving ever since. Thanks for such great information.

  219. Jaclynn C says

    I found it by just googling “target deals”… and have always been a faithful follower ever since! I’ve always loved target deals, and would return to Target store every so often to check to see if their clearance deals have dropped (i.e. from 50% to 70%). But your site saved/saves me a trip to the store every time now! This is awesome!

  220. Jen says

    I found you during a random google search. Love your site, especially the clearance section pics!

  221. Alisha says

    Recommended by babycheapskate blog! Target is the ONLY store I shop at, so this blog is perfect :)

  222. Tami says

    Found by a google search for Target summer clearance last year. Then liked on facebook to keep up with all the great Target deals. Thanks!

  223. Cara says

    I believe it was off of another money saving blog I follow on facebook. I LOVE All Things Target!! :) It combines two of my favorite things: Target and saving money :)

  224. Tricia says


    I found you by doing a search for targets clearance weekly schedule. Been following ever since. I love Target!

  225. Kelley says

    I found you through a friend’s post after the back to school items went on clearance. She got t-shirts for next to nothing. I have been reading ever since!

  226. Jenelle says

    I googled when Target was going to put their toys on clearance and found your blog. I love love love following it on Facebook! It’s so fun! Thank you!!

  227. Linda says

    I was searching for Christmas clearance and coupons for Target and came across your blog. I wish my Target had half the clearance you picture!

  228. Nina says

    A friend of mine told me about your site last winter. Now I always check your facebook updates for the latest target deals. Thank you for all that you do :)

  229. Heidi says

    Found you off of google looking for deals on after Christmas toys! Can’t wait to see what deals are available tomorrow at 70% off!! So excited! Thanks for this site! Shopping for 5 kids is going to be a breeze this year!

  230. Irma says

    I googled “Target Christmas clearance” and I found this wonderful website.
    I look like it on Facebook and I enjoy every single posting from ALL THINGS TARGET.
    I am love this website.

  231. Chlo says

    I did a google search for target clearance blogs and now I am addicted! Thanks for all you do!

  232. Christy says

    I have been following you on Thrifty and Thriving for a few years thanks to a fellow Target clearance friend that I ran into several times at the sales. I also connected with a gal on your site after posting pictures. She wanted to know what area i was in. Come to find out she lives less than a mile away! We are in Ohio.

  233. Ana M says

    Found your site through Google. I have been hooked for months. I don’t leave for my Target trips without checking out your site first.

  234. British American says

    Through Facebook. Didn’t you have another Facebook page that you started before this one? I think I found you through the original one. :)

  235. Sonia Kitsmiller says

    I got an email from The Coupon Project and they had a length to your page. I’m going to like you on Facebook because Target is my favorite stores and I’m excited to find a blog that’s all about Target.

  236. Stephanie Vargas says

    I found you via The Coupon Project blog. I just watched your guest webcast with Angela and really enjoyed it. Great tips!

  237. Lesli Johnson says

    I found your site when I Googled “when is Target having their 90% off Christmas sale 2013″ and up came your site. I’m addicted to Target and now to your website. I just picked up tonight some of the 50% bath set items in our Sanford, FL store as well as a case for my Ipad at 90% off so it was a whopping $3.99. Thank you for all the great tips and I have my fingers crossed that the clearance toys will be 70% tomorrow!

  238. Nancy says

    I found your site through your other site Thrifty & Thriving! Although I am in Texas, your blog is always the first one I hear of great deals from. :)

  239. Sara B says

    I found All Things Target, when you started it, through Thrifty and Thriving!! You are amazing, and I love your blogs!!

  240. Mandra Twombly says

    I found your website on another website that I visit often called money saving mom :)

  241. Sara says

    I am addicted to Target and as a stay at home mom, I had to find a way to stretch my Target dollars…and that is how I found your glorious site! Thanks for all you do!

  242. Lisal says

    I saw it on the local news and the again when a friend ‘liked’ something. Been a fan ever since! :D

  243. says

    My daughter told me about your site and I have passed it along to many of my firends!! Thanks for all your help in helping me save at Target!!

  244. Kendra Metz says

    I think I found All Things Target through Facebook. I check it every day! Even signed up for iBotta because of you guys just this afternoon.

  245. Jennifer Boursiquot says

    I think I came across your fb page from thrifty and thriving. Your tip are great they have saved me tons!

  246. Shelly says

    I found you on another blog a few weeks ago when I was waiting to find out about the Christmas clearance. It’s so much easier coming straight to your site and Facebook page!

  247. Linda says

    I love your site! Thanks for all the info you post, I’m always at Target, but I’ve been clueless about a lot of things. Thanks for sharing the info with us!

  248. Julie W. says

    I was already a fan of your other website, so I started with this one when you started it. :)

  249. Julie G says

    I’m trying to remember how I found you. It was either through a post on facebook, a money saving blog, or pinterest. I really can’t remember.

  250. Norma Houppert says

    I did a search for Target 75% off toy clearance last year and found your site. I now visit it almost daily. Thank you for the opportunity to win a giftcard.

  251. Kimberly Reyerse says

    My cousin introduced me to your page and I have been hooked ever since! I tell everyone about it. Love all the info you post! Thanks :)

  252. Janeen says

    Found you when I was searching for target sales! Liked you on Facebook then sent link to your site to my friends! Thanks!!!!

  253. Susann says

    My dear friend, Valora taught me extreme couponing and shared your site with me. Now I’m addicted!

  254. Tanique says

    Found it by googling about target deals during summer. I was
    very excited to find u & I’m hooked!
    Thxs for everything!

  255. Lori says

    Thank you for all of your posts on clearance updates and coupon match-ups! You are awesome!!!!

  256. Elizabeth N. says

    I started couponing a bit more t target. One day I did a google search for target deals and your blog came up. I subscribed and been a follower since. :)

  257. Katie says

    I found you soon after I started to learn how to coupon about 8 months ago. More specifically through raining coupons I think. Now I subscribed on Facebook and haven’t looked back since. Thanks for making saving money easier.

  258. Eliza says

    I saw your posts of baby cheapskate and then starting following you on facebook. I love Target!

  259. Deanna says

    I was following your other blogs, thrifty and thriving and the one before that. When you started up this site I continued to follow you. I have learned lots about target from your site

  260. Kristi says

    I googled something about Target Clearance, and your site came up. Been diligently following since!! :)

  261. Kristina Jensen says

    I honestly don’t remember how i found this page. I love it though!!! Thanks for being awesome!

  262. Kim Whipple says

    I came across this Facebook wall when I was googling 90% off Christmas clearance at Target!

  263. Amy says

    I first found your site thru a google search for Target clearance and I have followed you for over a year!

  264. Michelle says

    I don’t remember exactly how I found you – I think from a friend. Thanks for all the info you share and the money saving “heads up”

  265. Stephanie says

    I had googled something about target’s after Christmas sales and thankfully this blog was one of the top links!! I’ve been shopping target clearance for a few months however you have helped me know what to look for and when to look for it. Thanks again for all the work you do.

  266. Debbie says

    I found your site from my best friend Lisa who is as obsessed with Target deals as me! Love your site, keep up the great work! And thanks for doing awesome contests!

  267. amy says

    i found it somehow through facebook. i’m not even sure how. but i’m completely addicted and i’ve told all my friends about your awesomeness

  268. Faith says

    It’s been so long… I can’t remember exactly how I found this site, but I believe a friend recommended it. Thanks for all you do!

  269. yuny says

    I found your website from queenbee coupons
    She was thank you to you about target deal
    thank you for the all the hard work for everybody

  270. aileen says

    I found your site through another blogger. I’m sorry , but I can’t remember which one. They just gave you credit for letting them know about a sale. :)

  271. Jenna says

    Just found you last week off of Target Savers fb page when I was looking for info regarding the upcoming toy sale! Love your page! Thanks!

  272. Nessa Z says

    I am friends with Thrifty and Thriving on FB and they shared something from your page so I liked you too! I LOVE Target! =)

  273. Your Son says

    Well you’re my mom and if you’re kind of target crazy. I’d have to be both deaf and blind not to have known about your site. Especially since all we’ve heard over the past week has been about all the target clearances and the cute things you’ve bought recently. Love you mom!

  274. Amy Swanson says

    I follow your original blog thrifty and thriving and followed you from there. Thanks for the giveaway!

  275. Sanja says

    From the Money Saving Mom’s site. As my husband says, Target is my second home, so keep up the good work, love your posts!

  276. Carissa P. says

    I learned about you from my sister. Love your page!! Target is my home away from home and you help me find great deals while I’m there!

  277. Sarah Cylkowski says

    A friend shared with me and now I share with everyone I know :)

  278. Cindy Lindsey says

    I have a friend who saves bundles by shopping smart at Target. I recently started couponing and she highly recommended I check out your blog. Now I follow you on Facebook!

  279. Genevieve says

    I don’t remember how I found you, but it was most likely through another blogger’s site. Congrats!

  280. michelle says

    My best friend and I have a coupon and savings obsession. We hate paying full price for things and love hearing about all of the great deals. She told me about the site right after she found it. I go on the site at least twice a day to look for updates.

  281. Adri says

    I found u last year, I don’t remember but I’m glad I did. Bacause of you I’m saving a lot in my favorite store. Thanks!!!

  282. Maile says

    I found and fell in love with All Things Target after the numerous posts from various viewers from some of their amazing finds on clearance deals.. I love savings and I love to shop!

  283. Natalie says

    I found your page through a friend who “liked” your page! Thanks for all the weekly sale updates! We love target!!

  284. LSN says

    Found out abt this fan page when I googled for Target Toys clearance for Jan 2012. Love the tips and the pics shared :)

  285. Serina says

    I think I found you when I googled Target sale maybe a year or two ago…I love all your helpful information and thankyou for helping me save a ton of $ shopping at my favorite store!

  286. lucy valdez says

    I found your website as I was looking for bargains for Target. I am absolutely grateful for your posts! I cannot tell you how much money I have saved, and how many people I got hooked on your site. Thank you so much!

  287. Nathalia says

    My sister-in-law told me about the website because I am constantly shopping at Target and am always looking for good deals there.

  288. kristin says

    Congrats on reaching 10,000 likes on Facebook! I found your site through babycheapskate & who doesn’t love Target & deals!

  289. Amy says

    My friend posted something about a week ago! So glad she did i got some great things for my classroom to use next year super cheap!!!! Thanks!

  290. Megan G says

    When you posted it on “thrifty and thriving” to “like” your page… Thank you for all you do to save us all money!!!

  291. Tiffany says

    First of all, I LIVE in Target. I am there at least every other day sometimes every day. My 14 month old daughter even says tar-tar lol. So my sister in law kept telling me about these amazing deals she was getting and she said she was getting them all from your site! Your Facebook posts are now my favorite posts of the day. I liked your page and the rest was history! Thank you so much for your amazing deals! Love love love your page!

  292. tina says

    I’ve been reading your sites since The Coupon Jargon. I don’t remember how I found the first one.

  293. bimpe says

    You have changed my Target shopping experience. I got to know you when you were featured on King5 news and even though I enjoyed shopping at Target, you opened my eyes to the extra savings. Now I check your blog everyday and always before going to Target. Thanks for helping me save.

  294. L Helt says

    Not sure how I found you, think it was a link on another coupon website. Probably Thrifty and Thriving. :)

  295. kim says

    If I remember correctly, I found All Things Target thru a link on Frugal Living NW. You are on my favorites that I check daily.

  296. Tricia says

    I follow your other blog, Thrifty and Thriving, and of course started following this one when it started too!

  297. Kathy Estrella says

    Love this site!! I already coupon bu this takes it to the next level. I got everyone in my family to join.

  298. Marci V says

    Liked thrifty & thriving and then came aboard when all things target was posted there (Facebook likes for both). :)

  299. mysti says

    Found you (and so glad I did!) through a google search looking up Target’s markdown schedule.

  300. Courtney says

    I found you via a friend on Facebook. She always seems to find the best deals so I knew if she liked your page, it must be a good one!

  301. Lisa Dacey says

    I came across your site about a year ago when I googled ‘when does target do markdowns’. I am so thankful that your site exists. With the economy the way it is, you have saved us all so much money!! I grew up looking for deals….my dad’s favorite phrase is ‘never pay full price!”

  302. Erinn says

    Motherhood on a dime… a blog I often read and whose updates are very helpful…. since I pretty much live at target (my family can vouch for that) your blog is AWESOME !

  303. Doris says

    I found you last year when I did a search on Target’s clearance schedule. I’ve been a loyal reader ever since!

  304. Prescilla says

    From Thrifty and Thriving, I remember when you mentioned you were going to start a “Target Saving Website”, which I’m thankful you did. I love finding great deals from your post!

  305. Amy says

    Thank you for all the tips! I found you through a friend on Facebook. Thank you for your time and effort to help us all find great deals!

  306. Laura says

    I was following you on ThriftyandThriving when you started All Things Target! Found you there though by searching for Clearance blogs for Target! LOVE your site and your updates! Keep up the Awesome work!

  307. Andy says

    I’m probably one of the few guys who love shopping at Target. I have found your site very informative and helpful tracking down great deals. It’s all about the chase! Happy Hunting everyone!

  308. flattsfan96 says

    I believe it was through another coupon blog. Love all the tips and deals you have shared. Thanks

  309. Christina says

    Google! I was so excited by the baby clearance that’s going on right now, I wanted to see who else was having luck! Came across your blog and now I’m officially addicted!!!! Consequently, I am constantly and simultaneously on here and at Target!

  310. Tricia says

    I found you by googling when the toy clearance would go 70%. That led me to your website which led me here. Thanks for your work!

  311. Kayla says

    A Facebook friend shared one of your links a few months ago. Liking your page was probably the best thing I have done! Thank you so much for helping me (and all of your subscribers) save money every day!! I greatly appreciate your time and effort in this!

  312. Kate says

    My mom found your site a year or so ago when we were looking for new places to find good deals. I love your site, and thank you so much for helping me find great deals. It makes it much easier to live off one income so that I can be a SAHM when I am super thrifty!

  313. Jennifer Hall says

    I honestly can’t remember how I found your site, but I now check it daily and have shared your site with EVERYONE I know….lol.

  314. Cate says

    I love Target and a friend recommended I check out this site. I’m hooked and appreciate all the tips , deals, and sharing that goes in here!

  315. Terina says

    I love this site! I came across All Things Target from a friends suggestion. I have saved alot of money and have found some great deals! Thanks!

  316. Katie says

    I don’t remember how exactly I found your site. I had been doing the clearance at Target the last 10+ years and I was doing a web search for something Target clearance related and I think I ran across the site. I remember thinking: No, don’t tell everyone about the clearance deals!!

  317. Aubrey Palmer says

    Went out for the target toy clearence today but only marked 30-50%. I was doing a check and found your page. Following on facebook now! This is great, thanks!

  318. Michelle Moorman says

    I found you just yesterday googling around for deals. I love Target but have trouble finding the great deals. Looking forward to your great advice.

  319. Kunjal says

    All Things Target is the best site I have come across while searching for deals on Target .Your blogs are very helpful and I m looking forward for the Toy clearance which is going to happen soon. Earlier ,I used to visit Target once or twice a month but after subscribing and following your site I m huge fan and frequent shopper at Target .Pls Keep posting :)

  320. Amanda Wallace says

    I found you from another blog… Lve your site, allows checking up and making sure I don’t miss a deal.

  321. rajshree says

    Just looking for target clearance, this site comes up. liked this site a lot.

    Thank you,

  322. rena j says

    First of all love your website. I first heard of your site through someone mentioning it on another coupon site. I’m not sure which one :( Thanks for the giveaway I would love to win.

  323. Jenna says

    Great giveaway! I stumbled upon your blog by searching Target on google. So glad i did, because I’m a Target addict :)

  324. Tina Reed says

    I found All Things Target by searching for info on the big Target Christmas clearance. I LOVE your site and visit everyday now!!! Thank You!! :D

  325. Michelle says

    Your site was mentioned on Baby Cheapskate and I checked it out. Target is my favorite place to shop and once I navigated your website I was hooked. I am now on here daily. Thanks for your time and effort to get the information out to your fans like me. It is appreciated.

  326. Stacie says

    A FB friend recommended your site and Target is one of my most favorite stores so I really enjoy your posts about extra savings.

  327. Jillian says

    A mom on a kids clothing chat board mentioned that she keeps up with the Target Toy Clearance and other sales on All Things Target. I love Target so I had to check it out!

  328. Janae says

    I heard about this site from the disboards when I was planning my Disney trip and looking for ways to save.

  329. Jen DeSanto says

    Been a follower of Thrifty and Thriving for awhile, and was HUGELY excited when you announced All Things Target. Love the site! (And I’ve shared it with numerous friends!)

  330. Tara Brewer says

    I was trying to see if there was a coupon site just for target so i started out searching for something like i heart target and found you!!

  331. Ilka says

    I actually just started checking your site and I am hooked and so happy. I check several times a day to find great prices and I appreciate it a lot. :-)

  332. Kathleen Gamble says

    I purcashe after Christmas clearance items for our school Christmas shoppe in Dec. I try to buy the Target Christmas gift bags and wrapping when it hits 90% off. I searched Target Christmas Clearance 2013 and found you. Thx saves me time

  333. Danyelle says

    A friend of mine shared one of your posts on FB & when I went to the store & found the deal, I was amazed! So I liked our page & shared it with my cousin who loves Target more than anyone I know! Except you:)

  334. Laura says

    I found out about you when king5 did a story about making target’s deals even better. thanks for all the tips!!

  335. Beth says

    I have been following thrifty and thriving for a long time and you posted that you were starting a new target website. I almost jumped out of my seat. I think I love Target as much as you.

  336. Sarah Burgess says

    I found All Things Target when I was Google-searching for Target’s Christmas clearance schedule!

  337. Kristin says

    Was searching about the summer toy clearance. So glad I found your site, saved me about $200 on toys for my daughter. Saving them till she gets a little bit older.

  338. Nancy says

    I found you from a post on another blog. I keep you in my list of favorites so I can check your site every day!

  339. Kristen says

    I was doing a google search to find out when people thought Target was going to go to 90% off of Christmas items and I found your amazing site! I immediately liked you on Facebook and I keep your website pulled up all day while I am at work. I do pretty much all of my shopping at Target, so your site is very helpful. Thank you!!!

  340. Kellie D. says

    I found it through another blog, but for the life of me I don’t remember which one! Thanks for the great info!

  341. vidhya says

    I found you through Google almost a year back while searching for target clearance. I check out the site at leat twice a day since then.

  342. Terri says

    I found your site last Christmas when searching for information about the Holiday clearance schedule. I’ve been a loyal reader/