DIY Disney Autograph Books using Clearance Pocket Photo Album

A couple of my kids love to get the characters autographs when we head to Disneyland, so we make our own autograph books.   It’s much cheaper to make our own, and we can personalize them any way we want.

I started with a pocket photo album that I bought on clearance for $1.00 (50% off).

I made a cover for the front with scrapbook paper I had on hand, and took out the “baby” themed cover and added my new “Disney” themed cover.

I downloaded the FREE Waltograph font for the “Disney Autographs” font.   You can decorate your cover more elaborate if you want, however I made my autograph books around midnight the day before we were leaving, so I chose to go the simple route.

I bring along the books, several white pieces of cardstock, some binder clips and Sharpie pens.

To make it easy for the characters to sign we clip one of the pieces of paper to the front with the binder clip.

The paper with the autograph gets slid into one of the photo holders and then we put the photo of them with the character on the opposite side.   It works really well for us!

There you have it, a super simple and fun way to make a Disney Autograph book!    Anybody heading on a Disney vacation anytime soon?


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  1. Jody says

    I love this idea! I was going to make a book for our Disney trip, but found a Disney autograph book for $2 at a Disney warehouse sale they have near us. I couldn’t pass it up. One tip I did see online that worked for us is to take a fat pen. The characters all loved that pen. I got lots of hugs and thumbs up for it. :) I found them by accident at Walmart in the Christmas section.

  2. Amanda Kirkley says

    I won an all expense paid trip by writing a 250 word essay about family for the tv show “The View”. My family and I will be heading there for Spring Break this year. Love your idea about autograph books been looking for something simple and not real expensive.

  3. says

    What a great idea! We just got back from DL and I paid almost $20 for an “official” Disney photo/autograph album. I have only 1 child, but if I had 2 or 3, they would be cost prohibitive. This is a great alternative.


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