New Target Dollar Spot Items for Spring & Summer

Today I am sharing tons of photos of the new items you will find in the Target Dollar Spot. These items are priced at $1, $3, and $5 (I did see one item at $9). There are lots of things for summer outdoor dining, gardening, party supplies (baby shower & bridal, beach items and so much more.


summer target dollar spot

target dollar spot plates

Target Dollar spot summer



target dollar spot garden


target dollar party supplies







dollar stationary

dollar target bags

dollar target black gold






dollar target kids summer

New Spring Items in Target Dollar Spot

Photo Tour of new items for Spring in the Target Dollar Spot

I love when fun new items pop up in the Target Dollar Spot! We are giving you a photo tour of some of the new items for Spring and Summer. The last 2 rounds of Dollar Spot items have sold quickly and I am guessing it will be the same with these. If you see something you want, I would buy it now because it may not be there next week.

Target dollar easter

All of these items are priced at $3.00, with the exception of the cake stand it is $5.00.   I also spotted the cake stand in pink.

dollar spot easter

Easter trees are $5 and the bunny grass figures are $3.

banners easter

Several different wooden Easter banners are $3 and there are a lot of tin containers in various sizes also $3.


How cute are these chalkboard bunny clips?

dollar spot signs

There continues to be more and more items priced around $3 again.  These chalkboard sign and 3 pack of glass bottles are $3.

chalkboard dollar spot

New chalkboard items with gold glitter accents.

dollar spot pink orange yellow

Metal tins and glass jars in bright fun colors are only $1.   I love the wood chip flowers in pretty colors, those are priced $3.

dollar spot target new spring

There are more chalkboard easels this time they display stands are bright colors.   The magnetic letter and twine are only $1.

IMG_8552 IMG_8553 IMG_8554 IMG_8555

Fun scroll wooden words come in several different styles and colors for $3.

stationery dollar spot

Brand new selection of stationery products.  I swear every time they come out with a new color combo I want to redo a room in my house in those colors.


I love the fun rainbow colored storage bins priced at $3 each

dollar spot storage

More fun storage that would be great for kids rooms.  There is a 3-cup desk storage and wooden storage bins for $3

art kits target dollar spot

I found some super cute activity kits for kids like the Chirpy Chick sewing kit and the Wooden Lacing Blocks.  Most of the items in this section are $3.


There are some Dr. Seuss items for $1.

easter kids dollar

Hats, ties, bunny ears and socks for Easter.

garden dollar spot

Fun gardening supplies for kids.  I adore those gardening tools with the polka dots for only $1.


There is also a section for St. Patrick’s Day.

What are your faves from the new items?

New Items in Target Dollar Spot (Valentine, Birthday, Calendar & More)

There are tons of new fun things in the Target Dollar Spot!   You will find things for Valentine’s Day, birthdays, calendars, note cards and so much more.   I took quite a few pictures so you can get a peek at some of the Dollar Spot goodness.   I am finding more items priced at $3 (and even $5).


Ceramic candy dishes for Valentine’s Day priced at $3


The mailboxes and popcorn containers are back for Valentine’s day in fun colors.  both are only $1 each.


Fun new Valentine pencils for both both and girls.

PicMonkey Collage

The glitter heart jar is adorable and priced at $3.  Hanging flag banner and yarn with clip are both $1.


Two packs of milk bottles with a straw are $3.

PicMonkey Collage

PicMonkey Collage

Ceramic cake stands were $5.   I love the striped pitchers, but sadly most of the ones at my store were already cracked or chipped.


New notecards!


I love the colors of these ceramic containers.   They would be great for holding pens.


Lots of festive birthday stuff this time around, like these ice cream cups.


More paper straws.


Felt Happy Birthday banner can be re-used every year (as long as you remember where you put it).

PicMonkey Collage

Gift and treat bags too.


I love this Framed Clip Display that comes in lots of bright colors.


Colorful artwork is priced at $3.


Colorful bins for storage.

PicMonkey Collage

Art supplies for the kiddos.  Oh, who am I kidding…I want it all.


Striped round canvas storage totes are $5

PicMonkey Collage

I’m in love with both of these chalkboard menu planner and chore chart.  Both are $3 each

Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 9.57.57 AM

I noticed quite a few different calendars including this one on a clipboard with I love.

Does your store have the new Dollar Spot stocked with these goodies?   I’d love to hear about your favorites

Target Dollar Spot is now Bullseye’s Playground #BullsEyesPlayground

Target Bullseye Playground

Target Bullseyes Playground

Target has reorganized the Dollar Spot and named it Bullseye’s Playground. As usually they have filled with with tempting goodies priced at $1 and $3. I am noticing that there seems to be less items price at $1, but that’s ok because the $3 items are pretty sweet.

Here is a peek at the new section and some close-ups of some of the items.

Target dollar spot Christmas



Cute wooden signs for Christmas are $3.   These wood be fun to put on your mantel.


How adorable are these Christmas striped cake stands?   They are $3.00.


Once again they have cute glass bottles.  I think these would be great to put treats inside and you can gift them to your neighbors or coworkers.   I’m kinda loving the polka dot chalkboard for $3.   The chalkboard charger is really cool too.


I am a sucker for cute gift tags and the new ones they have stocked are awesome.   Hello…I need those ones with the jingle bells.

PicMonkey Collage (2)

Both of these items are $3, a cute clipboard Christmas Wishlist and a cute canister full of tags and twine.


This 6-pack of Chalkboard Easels were $3.  These would be great to use when you want to label the dishes you have at your Christmas party.


Again with the cute gift tags, only this time they include twine.    I am surprised I made it out of the store without buying any of this cute stuff.   I am going to have to go back!   I am having non-buyer’s remorse!


Lots of cute stockings and stocking stuffers for the kiddos.


Tubes or ornaments for $1 and light up plastic figures are $3.


Star Wars is huge right now so they have an entire section for Star Wars items which would make perfect stocking stuffers.


Travel mugs are $3.00.


There is a whole section with Alex art and craft supplies.    I really like this brand!

Are you seeing anything you HAVE to have?   I’d love to hear about some of your faves from the newly redesigned Bullseye’s Playground (I’m sure I’ll still be calling it the Dollar Spot).

New Fall Items in Target Dollar Spot

Here is a peek at a bunch of new items you can find in the Target Dollar Spot right now.


I love these fun popcorn containers for Halloween.


Paper plates and napkins for Halloween.


We also see these buckets for every season and there are some great new designs for Halloween.


They have a nice variety of notes for Halloween too.


Fun socks for Halloween are only $1.


These fun decorated jars are $3 each.   I love them all!


I also love these fun chevron, glitter and burlap pumpkins all priced at $3.


There are some new items for kids including these foam bath shapes.


As usual, we have lots of new note pads, sticky notes and cards.   I always love checking out the new design for every season.


I spotted some divided trays that would be great for desk or make-up organization.

PicMonkey Collage (1)

There are lots of new themed Star Wars and Frozen themed merchandise.

PicMonkey Collage1 (1)

New Items for Summer in the Target Dollar Spot


Now that all the Easter items have been cleared out of the Target One Spot we are seeing lots of new goodies.     Here are all the items I picked up from the Target dollar spot recently.     Check out all the photos below of some of the fun stuff you will find this time of year.   Lots of patriotic, outdoor toys and as usual some new stationary items and tags.


I love these wooden words!   Both the wooden words and the Burlap Banners are $3 items.


New pencils and pens in fun new colors as well as coordinating stationary and notepads.   They have small clipboards too.  They have the popcorn containers back in stock and they come in bright fun colors this time around.   We also have lots of new sprinkles in pink, blue and red, white and blue mixed.


I love al the new fun gift bags, boxes and tags.    I thought those canning jar tags were the cutest!


There are a few items for the Fourth of July.   The patriotic bowls have returned and they are priced at only $1.  They also have 3-pack of flags too.   I also spotted sunglasses and hair accessories for kids.

IMG_2954 (1)

There are a bunch of fun outdoor and activities for kids.   Bug catchers, water blasters, bouncy balls and sports cones.

IMG_2955 (1)More fun stuff for the kiddos like magnetic letters, bathtub soap, bubble gun and bubbles.
IMG_2974Here is a peek at a few of the $3 items like metal buckets, flip-flops, patriotic burlap pillow and a super cute 2-pack of milk bottle with straws.

New Valentine Items in Target Dollar Spot

felt envelope

The Target Dollar Spot has in several new items for Valentine’s Day.  I really love the fun felt envelopes that come in several colors.  Here is a peek at some of the cuteness you may find.

valentine dollar

  • Straws
  • Napkins
  • Plates
  • Metal tins

valentine dollar 2

  • Baker’s Twin
  • Gift Wrap
  • Note Pads
  • Sticky Notes
  • Pencils

valentine dollar 3

  • Socks
  • Large felt envelopes
  • Mailboxes
  • Pots with seeds

valentine dollar 4The following items are $3 each:

  • Towels (2-pack)
  • Sprinkles (4-pack)
  • Chalkboard metal heart
  • Heart wreath


Target Dollar Spot: New Christmas Items (Stocking Stuffers and more)

target dollar 5The Target One Spot has been stocked with new goodies for Christmas.   There are gift card holders and gift bags.  They once again have some of the decorated pails and cute matching clipboards.

target dollar 1

target dollar 4

There are lots of great items that are perfect for stocking stuffers.   Pencils, pens, coloring books, Slinky Jr., Glow Stars and more.

target dollar 10There are some cute Mickey Mouse calendars and notepads

target dollar 2Lots of items for Christmas wrapping and decor like ribbon, baker’s twine, burlap ornaments and gift tags

target dollar 6Cute craft activities for the kids.

target dollar 7There are hand and foot warmers and holiday themed adhesive bandages.

target dollar 8Disney divided plates and Frozen reuseable totes this time around.

target dollar 9

They have plastic popcorn containers in large and smaller 2-pack sizes.   I spotted Coke-Cola glasses too.

target dollar 3 dollar

I found some nice $3 items like puppets and Crayola floor puzzles.