Holiday Clearance

Check out all of the great 90% off clearance deals people have found at Target this week. I can’t thank you enough for sharing your clearance finds, it’s such a big help for others to know what items they can look for. You all are the best!

valentine boxers young

Young found this pack of men’s boxers at 90% off.

valentine clearance terra

Check out all these cute animals Terra found. The striped animals were only $.49 each!

valentine dog treats mbf

Mbf let me know that there are dog treats that are ringing up at 90% off, so make sure you check the pet section too.

valentine tissue mbf

Mbf also gave me the heads up on this tissue paper that is ringing up at only $.29. It is kind of a pearly white color, so will work great for any occasion.

valentine lisa

Holy cow! Check out all the great stuff Lisa found!   I’m just a tad jealous.

valentine maggie .29

Maggie lucked out and got these Mega Blok sets for only $.29 each.

valentine pam 1

valentine pam 2

Wow! I am totally amazed at all the clothing and kitchen items that Pam found.

valentine katelyn

Katelyn found the super cute canisters, they were only $.49 each. She also found a tank at 70% off.

valentine kristine

Check out all the good stuff Kristine found.

valentine vanessa

I am totally impressed with Vanessa’s finds, she found so many great things I haven’t even seen before.

valentine muffin pan vanessa

I did want to share a close-up of one of the muffin pans Vanessa found, this rang up at only $.99. I seriously love when you can get great items you can use everyday for 90% off.

valentine pez

Lisa found this super cute Hello Kitty Pez dispenser pack at 90% off. Score!


Here are some reader’s Target Valentine’s clearance finds!  I really enjoy seeing what super deals others are able to score at their Target stores.

lip smackers

Young found all these Lip Smackers sets in the make-up section where they have the Hello Kitty items at her Target.   These rang up at only $.49 each.   That is such a super deal!targetvalentineclearance

Nicole made a nice haul, she got all this for only $26.


Shannon spotted a hidden clearance deal in the toddler section.  What for shirts with Super Heroes, Ninja Turtles and more.


Here are Sharon90% off finds.   She found a cute dog and cabbage patch doll that I haven’t noticed before.


Ashley’s 90% off clearance finds included, t-shirts, small barbie dolls, Star Wars cards, Angry Bird plush toys and more.


Vickie found these cake pop sticks at 90% off, they were only $.19.    Check the regular kitchen department for these.


Vickie was on a roll and was able to find a whole box of K’Nex Pac Man figures for only $.49.


Michelle got a sweet deal on these Heart shaped rugs, they were only $1.99 (reg $19.99).    Be sure to check out her blog Le Hoarder for other great deals she found, she found so many great things!

wendy 1


wendy 2

Wendy ALWAYS finds so many great deals at her Target stores.    She once again scored some great 90% off deals.


There seems to be a lot less clearance deals this time around than there was last year, at least that is the case at the 2 stores I have visited. Here are a few deals you may want to check for at your stores.

lego valentine clearance

Here is a look at one of the LEGO items that was in the Valentine clearance. You will want to keep an eye out of the LEGO City Sea Plane.   (Thanks Nicky)

hidden target valentine

Make sure you check the pet section at Target, there are some Boots & Barkley items that are part of the Valentine clearance. The even have bins and storage jars that you could use that don’t necessarily have to be for pets.
(Thanks Ivy)

rachel trip

Check the kitchen department for muffin pans and more. Also keep an eye out for Hot Wheels packs with hearts on them. (Thanks Rachel)

amy trip

Here are a few small items that Amy found. You may want to check the art department for the Play-Doh sets, she also mentioned that there were a Minnie & Daisy version too. (Thanks Amy)

target valentine trip

Here are a bunch of items that Lisa was able to pick up.   You may want to check your stores toy department to see if any of the Mega Bloks small sets she bought ended up back there.

nicky trip

Here is more of Nicky’s shopping trip. I want to point out the Angry Birds may be something that ends up back in the toy section. You will also want to check for the socks and slippers in the hosiery department. Make sure you check for items with the hearts on the tags.

Happy shopping! Let us know if you find any other items that may have made their way back to their respective departments.


Target 90 off Valentines

I just received an email from Erica who informed me that the Valentine clearance had been marked down to 90% off at her Hilliard, OH store today. The signs at her store only said 50% off, but all of the non-food items were definitely ringing up at 90% off. Check out here receipt for all the great things she found at 90% off.

valentine receipt

Please let us know if you find 90% off at your location too. A big huge thanks to Erica for the heads up and photos!


target 70 off

I have heard from several people that the valentine’s clearance is now 70% off at Target. The candy and food is 50% off. As usual, we would LOVE to see photos of your clearance finds, you can share them any of the following ways:

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Wow!  I asked for you all to share your photos, and that you did!!     I wish I could share them all, but I received over 100 photos.   I am sharing a few here, but you can view more by checking out the #allthingstarget hashtag on Instagram or by checking out the All Things Target Facebook page, there are lots posted over there.   Just click on the “Recent Posts by Others” category and scroll through all the pictures.

We will probably see the Christmas items get salvaged on Tuesday or Wednesday so there won’t be too much longer to search for deals.      Here are a few shopping trips and a few more hidden finds.

90 off stefanie

Stefanie found these Goody hair accessories ringing up at 90% off, but it gets even better, because this week all the Goody hair accessories are buy 2 get 1 FREE. The free offer even worked on these clearance items!

90 off Wendy

Wendy was able to find these hidden deals ringing up at 90% off. I haven’t seen many of these item before, so make sure you take a close look.

princess dolls

baby dolls

Jacklyn shared these princess dolls and baby dolls. She found that the babies with barcode sending in 4 are ringing up at $0.34!


Reader Caity sent in this photo, I am jealous of the Star Wars glasses she found.

90 off trip

Here is what Ashley pick up at 90% off. Check out the MLB totes with blankets, I have heard from several people that have found these at 90% off.

glenda 90 off

Check out all the small toys Glenda was able to find at 90% off.

90 off Nellie

Check out all the ornaments Nellie was able to pick up! Here is the great part, she actually decorates trees, wreaths and more as her business. She will be using all of these to make money. She shared some of her designs with me via email and they are gorgeous!!


I got back from hitting up the Target 90% off Christmas clearance and I am positively giddy about the deals I scored!     I will share close-up photos of all the things I bought and include the prices too.      I really wold love to see photos of your trips too, so please do any of the following:

  • Post them directly on the All Things Target Facebook page
  • Share them on Instagram with the #allthingstarget hashtag
  • Email them to

90 off beauty

  • Faith Hill Perfume $.99
  • Make-up bags $.49
  • e.l.f nail polish $.49
  • e.l.f. lip $.39
  • Chapstick tin $.49
  • Goody Pony tail holders $.19
  • Mirror Compact $.29

90 off garden

I was totally surprised to find these in the Christmas section and they rang up at 90% off. So excited!!

  • Garden gloves $2.29
  • Plant Stakes $1.29

90 off plates

We often host get togethers at our house and now I am set for plates. Each one of these items was only $.29.

90 off office

I scored in the office aisle, all of these were put back in the normal tape/scissors aisle.

  • Tape dispenser $.79
  • Tape refills $.79
  • Scissors $.50
  • Washi Tape $.29

90 off kitchen

Pie tins $.49
Cake stand $.79
Apron $1.29
Salt & pepper shakers $.49

90 off soap

  • Watkins Soap $.79
  • Ziploc Containers $.29

90 off misc

  • Bows $.10
  • Tool Set $1.00
  • Mickey Mouse Cards $.50
  • Ribbon $.50

90 off target scensors

Jackpot!!!    We made up a game that we play with these sensors and ours died.    My kids got so excited when I walked in the door with these.    All of these were only $.49 each.

90 off decor

  • Ornaments $1.50
  • Star $1.20
  • Joy Rug $1.50
  • Christmas Sign $.80
  • Christmas blocks $2.00

90 off wrap

I bought 3 rolls of wrapping paper I can use for everyday and 3 rolls for next year.   These were all $.50 each.

90 off trees

I was lucky and I found a store that still had Christmas trees left.   I picked up one for me and one for a friend.

  • Let Tree $18.70
  • Un-lit tree $13.40

I had so much fun shopping, I ended up going to 3 stores and I got a few items at each store. For you local folks,  I hit up Renton, Factoria and Issaquah.  Issaquah was the only store that had trees left.    I hope everyone else had as much fun as I did today.    I will try to share photos of your shopping trips later tonight too.


Screen Shot 2014-01-03 at 9.27.30 AM

YES!!!   The Target Christmas clearance has now been marked down to 90% off. I have heard from tons of people that the markdown has taken place today. If you don’t see 90% off signs at your store make sure you scan an items or two to double check. The food will probably be marked down to 70% off.

I wouldn’t recommend calling the store to check, you don’t always get the best information when calling in, the people at the front of the store aren’t always aware of the markdowns.

Have fun!!!   You know we all want to see your photos, so you can do any of the following:

  • Post them directly on the All Things Target Facebook page
  • Share them on Instagram with the #allthingstarget hashtag
  • Email them to

P.S.  If you are local and looking for a tree, Issaquah had quite a few left on Thursday.