Target: LEGO Sets on Clearance

target lego sets

Keep an eye out for LEGO sets on clearance because we have seen quite a few different set marked down  Most of these sets are currently 30% off, however there is a good chance we will see them go even lower over the next couple of weeks.    Remember the markdown day for toys is Thursdays.

All of these sets were found on the LEGO aisle and not on an end cap.   There were several other sets not pictured here too!  Let us know if you find lots of LEGOs on clearance at your store too.

Readers Shopping Trips & Clearance Finds

Here are some great photos of readers clearance finds and shopping trips.  Please keep those pictures coming!

target read clear heather 70

Heather was thrilled to find a great selection of cool tees, pj’s and more for her kids 70% off.

target read clear lindsey 98 164

Lindsey got an excellent deal, she paid only $.98 for the Gillette deodorant and $1.98 for the Gillette razor after coupons.

target read clear natalie 70

Natalie found a few decorative pillows 70% off. These were priced at only $5.98 (reg $19.99).

target read clear kristi 50

Kristi picked up a big box of Pampers diapers that were 50% off, she paid only $17.48 (reg $37.99) after a $1.50/1 printable coupon.

target read clear kristi 70

Kristi was on a roll and scooped up these super cute Disney Princess 2-pack pj sets for 70% off.

We love to hear what clearance deals you have been finding, you can share your Target clearance deals the following ways:

Readers 90% off Valentine Clearance Finds & Shopping Trips

Today we are sharing some awesome photos of readers Target Valentine 90% off clearance finds and shopping trips (food 70% off).

target read val 90 laura

Check out Laura’s haul, she found everything from kitchen tools, to cookie cutters & more.

target read val 90 44 dana

Dana pick up this 4-pack of Hot Wheels cars for only $.44.

target read val 90 39 kalen

Kalen scored this cute LEGO Friends set for only $.39

target val 90 toni

Here are all the items Toni grabbed at her store, Play-Doh sets, gift bags, pillows, tees & so much more.

target read val 90 rebecca

Rebecca scored this super cool character tee for only $.90

target val 90 leanne

Leanne did super and brought home so many great items, she even found a bunch of dollar spot items for 70% off.

target read val 90 nicole

Nicole found cool super heroes gift bags and candy hearts.

target chris leash

Chirsty was able to head out and shop the 90% off Valentine clearance, she spotted this pet collar for just $.49 (reg $4.99). Super deal for pet owners!

im with cupid

Young founds these “I’m with Cupid” shirts in the women’s department for only $1.29.

frozen shirt

Sarah found these Frozen shirts in the toddler section and they rang up at only $.60. Amazing!

target chris frozen

Christy was on a roll and also found the Frozen growth puzzles marked down to $.99.

target chris mm

If your store still has M&M’s candy left, you can score a super deal because there is a $1/2 coupon from 1/11 Red Plum insert (expires 2/22), which would make these only $.45 each!  SCORE!

We so enjoy seeing what clearance deals you have been finding, you can share your Target clearance deals the following ways:

Target Weekly Clearance Update (70% off Bedding, Accessories & More)

Here are all the clearance items I found at my Sunrise Puyallup, WA store.  The big news this week is all of the Valentine’s clearance went 70% off, it could be possible to hit 90% off today, keep us posted.

Keep in mind that clearance deals will vary by location so you may not find the exact same deals at your store.

val clear

I was happy to still find a few cute Valentine’s Day items 70% off.  My daughters will be thrilled with the Frozen growth puzzle kit and the cute stuffed dog. NOTE: The Valentine clearance should now be 90% off today at most stores (2/20)

home val clear

Make sure you check all the departments for Valentine themed merchandise like home decor, kitchen and even the pet area.


target clear gloves scarf 70

My store had lots of women’s accessories 70% off, including scarves and gloves, which were priced at only $1.05 a pair.

target clear sunglasses 70

Super cute wristlets and sunglasses were 70% off.  Now would be great time to pick up a few pairs of sunglasses with summer right around the corner.

target clear kids boots 70

Kids boots were down to 70% off.  I found everything from snow boots to cute character boots.

target clearl boy girl 50

Boys C9 by Champion puffer jackets and Circo lightweight jackets were 50% off, there was also a nice variety of girls tops and pants 50% off.

target clear toddler 50

Tons of toddler clothes for boys and girls were marked down to 50% off.

target clear bedding 70

I came across some bedding comforter sets and heated mattress pads 70% off.  There were a few duvet cover sets and sheet sets in the mix for 70% off.  The Shabby Sheet was 50% off.

target clear art 50

I spotted 2 end caps and a full row of kids crafts and books down to 50% off.  Crayola, ALEX, It’s So Me and many more.

target clear snow stuff 50

target clear sleds 50

Kids snow activity kits, inner tubes and cute sleds were 50% off.  I absolutely love the polar bear sleds, they are too cute!

target clear pixi 50

In the beauty department I found Pixi and Shea Moisture items 50% off.

target clear razor

Really nice Panasonic electric razors were 50% off.

target clear beauty 30

Lastly there were 3 full rows of miscellaneous beauty items at the back of my store 30% off.  Dove, Vaseliine, Gillette, Suave and so many more.

We love to hear what clearance deals you have been finding, you can share your Target clearance deals the following ways:

Target Valentine Clearance now 90% off??

Target 90 off Valentine

I have received several reports that the Valentine clearance has been marked down to 90% off today (a few stores even went 90% off yesterday). If you don’t see signs that say 90% off at your store I would scan an item or two to check to see if they have been marked down. Food items will only go to 70% off.

We would love to see your photos of your shopping trips and hidden deals. You can check out the photo above of everything reader Kristine scored for $16. Wow!   Here are the ways you can share your deals:

Thanks to everyone that gave me a heads up and Kristine for the photo!

Readers 70% off Valentine’s Clearance Finds & Shopping Trips

We thought it would be fun to share some readers Target Valentine’s clearance finds and shopping trips.  Please continue to share!

target read clear val jessica 70

Check out Jessica 70% off Valentine’s clearance haul, sippy cups, play-doh, paper cupcake liners & more.

target read clear cori

Cori got a super deal on this Frozen growth chart and puzzle, it was only $2.99 (reg $9.99), that’s 70% off!

target read clear val lacey

Lacey brought home some awesome stuff like, throw blankets, Nerf guns, dog treats, plus, she even found a LEGO City pack.

target read clear val kristine 209

Kristine snatched up this adorable Sofia the first play-doh set for only $2.09.

target read clear val kristine 149

Kristine was on a roll and also found these super cool Froze light up balloons at a great price, they were only $1.49.

target read clear val megan

Megan scored lots of great party decorations, including cute cups, plates, napkins, straws and so much more.

target read clear val kristi 5070

Here is a look at all of the super items Kristi grabbed for 50-70% off.

target read clear val krilicam 50

Krilicam got lucky and found 2 packs of LEGO City mini sets, lots of Crayola crayons, marker sets for 50% off.

target read clear val kristine 164

Here is another super deal Kristine picked up, this Crayola washable kids paint set was just $1.64.

We love to hear what clearance deals you have been finding, you can share your Target clearance deals the following ways:

Target: Valentine Clearance now 70% off (Food 50% off)

valentine target clearance

YES!!  Many people are reporting that the Valentine clearance is now 70% off at their Target stores.    Food items are ringing up at 50% off as usual.  Keep in mind that he signs may not have been changed yet so it makes sense to scan an items or two to see if the price has changed.

Reader Kristine was able to purchase everything pictured above for $17.91, the retail price was $56.42.  Let us know what great deals you find at your store by sharing photos any of the following ways.

Thanks to everyone for the heads up and Kristine for the photo!

Target: Valentine’s Clearance 50% off

target val clearance

The Valentine’s clearance went 50% off yesterday 2/15.   The food and dollar spot items only went to 30% off.   Here are the dates when the 70% off and 90% off markdowns took place last year.   It isn’t guaranteed that they will happen at the exact same time this year, but it does give us a general idea of when it may happen.

  • 70% off ~ February 18th
  • 90% off ~ February 20th

How is the selection looking at your store?