Target Weekly Clearance Update (70% off Apparel & more)

Here is a look at the items I found on clearance this week at the South Hill Mall, Puyallup, WA location.  Keep in mind that many clearance deals will vary by location, so you may not find the exact same deals at your store.

target clearance women 70 new

I spotted 2 racks of women’s dress clothes, pants and skirts 70% off.  There were several other racks 30-50% off.

target clearance men 70

Men’s athletic tees and swim shorts were 70% off.

target clearance girls 70

Really cute dresses and tees for girls were down to 70% off.

target clearance boys 50

I came across long sleeve Cherokee tees for boys 50% off, and Cherokee pants 30% off.

target clearance tablecloth 70

Bright colored plastic table cloths were 70% off.

target clearance kitchen 50

KitchenAid and Faberware kitchen tools were 50% off. There was also some turkey supplies for 50% off too.

target clearance mess eater 30

I love these mess eaters travel packs for kids, they were 30% off.

target clearance bedding 50

I found an 8 piece bedding set and a 3 piece quilt set down to 50% off.

target clearance sheets 50

My store had 2 full rows of Room Essentials sheets 50% off.

target clearance pillow 3050

Decorative pillows were 30-50% off.  I love the fluffy purple ones!

target clearance game toy 50

I was surprised to find a few toys and games 50% off.

target clearance lego 30

I even found Chima LEGO toys 30% off.

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Readers Shopping Trips & Clearance Finds

Today we are sharing some photos of readers shopping trips and clearance finds!  We really enjoy seeing all the super deals you find.   Keep those pictures coming!

megan diapers

Megan found the Up & Up diapers that were on clearance awhile ago were still hanging out on an end cap, marked 15% off. She took them to a scanner just in case and they rang up at only $3.64 each!!!! Major score!

megan target trip

Megan also found The Munchkin Legends Game marked at 30% off but scanned at 50% off ($12.48). These were included in the B2G1 deal. She used the free $5 wrapping paper coupon from the toy catalog and got three games (great gifts!) and a wrapping paper for $24.96!


Monica found this cute backpack at 70% off


Monica also scored this really pretty jewelry box, it was 70% off.


Check out this adorable jacket Rachael picked up for her daughter.  This was 70% off.


Rachael brought home a nice selection of girls dresses.  The Cherokee dresses were only $4.50, the GK dress was around $4.00, and the GK top was only $2.40, all of these were 70% off.


This cute baby giraffe toy was only $4.26 (reg $16.99), which makes this over 74% off!  It was marked “as is” but was in perfect condition.


Nicky spotted a super deal on hair color, these were on clearance for $3.04, she used a $3/1 coupon making these only $.04 a box!


Here is another super deal Nicky found, she paid only $1.48 for this razor and shaving cream kit after a $3/1 coupon.


Lots of Airwick and Febreeze, and Glade items were 50% off at Nicky’s store.

Target Weekly Clearance Update (70% off Home Decor, Toys & more)

Here is your weekly clearance update.  All of these items were found at the Sunrise Puyallup, WA location.  Keep in mind that many clearance deals will vary by location, so you may not find the exact same deals at your store.


I found a nice selection of home décor items on clearance, including these pretty blue vases, they were 70% off


Room Essentials lamps were only $5.98, 70% off.


There was nice variety of art 70% off.  Is it just me, or does anyone else get the song “Everything is awesome” stuck in their head when they see the word awesome?


Really nice jewelry boxes were down to 70% off.  These were only $8.98 each.


Threshold mirrors were 50% off, even though the sign read 30%.


I came across Swiss Gear backpacks and duffel bags marked down to 70% off.


Big Merona weekend bags were 70% off, there were 3 different colors.


My store had a wall full of ladies dresses, skirts and tops 70% off.


In the boys section there was a rack of swim shirts and shorts 70% off.  Nice time to stock-up for next year.


I found an end cap full of kids shoes down to 70% off.  Everything from cute dress shoes, to hi-tops and tennis shoes.


I was thrilled to find some toys 70% off, including these LEGO Chima figures.  These were priced at $4.48.


Mega Bloks Skylanders Hot Dog toy was only $2.98, 70% off.


Super cute Book Buggee pull toy was 70% off.  I actually picked this up for my kids, they love books and stuffed animals, so this will be perfect for them.


In the kitchen department I found a nice ice bucket 70% off.


Lastly I found a good amount of health and beauty items for 30-50% off, the sign still said 15% off.  Mouthwash, toothpaste, brushes, hair care, vitamins and more.

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Readers Shopping Trips & Clearance Finds

Here are a few photos of readers clearance finds and shopping trips.  We love seeing all of the super deals you find.  Please continue to share with us.


Brittany hit the jack pot with this Coleman camp grill, the sticker read $62.98 (reg $89.99), but it scanned at $26.98, 70% off. WOW!


Julie scored a George Forman grill for only $8.98, it was 70% off.  I will definitely be on the look out for this because mine George Foreman grill broke about a week ago.


Kizzy picked up charcoal for only $2.84 a bag and nail polish for just $.19 each.  Nail polish makes excellent stocking stuffers.


Chalonda scooped a bunch of goodies for 70% off.  The double pack of torches were $1.78, the oil was $2.08 and the large Roundup for only 6.28!


Tina found an excellent deal on a LEGO City set, it was marked down to $65.43 (reg $109.99), 40% off.

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More Readers 90% off Halloween Shopping Trips & Clearance Finds

Once again We are sharing some terrific photos of readers 90% Halloween clearance finds (food was 70% off).  Please continue to share your super clearance finds with us.


Heather was able to grab a ton of stuff for Operation Christmas child!  I love the Snoopy Dogs!


Laura found a bunch of plastic cups, plates, facial tissues. I haven’t seen those plastic cups before, so that gives us something else to look for.   She lucked out and found some of the Halloween Hot Wheels cars.


Ashley did great and only paid $19 for her haul.


Terra scooped up some great items, including super cute Halloween stuffed animals, pj’s, a dress, pet toys & more.

light up trees

Wendy picked up these really cool light up trees (and more).  She plans on using the maples to decorate for Thanksgiving.


I love the Haunted House globe Wendy found, she also grabbed some cups for her family.


Check out all of the items Chevonne was able find.


Melissa spotted some washi tape in the regular section.    This is something new I haven’t heard about either!


Check out all the cool nail polish Pam snatched up at her store.  Looks like she got some nice deals on candy as well.   It looks like there is some Jones soda in there too.


I absolutely LOVE this pet costume Sara found for her dog Maya for next year.  She paid only $.69!  SCORE!

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Target Weekly Clearance Update (90% off Halloween & 70% off Clothing)

Here is the Target Weekly Clearance Update. The clearance deals in November really start to slow down since so much of the merchandise is new for the holidays. I did see some misc. clearance in bedding, home decor and kitchen, but it was mostly misc pieces.

These items were found at the Kent, WA location. Keep in mind clearance deals will vary by location so you may not find the exact same deals.

halloween 90

The big news is the Halloween clearance went to 90% off yesterday.

halloween costumes

My store had quite a few costumes left at 90% off.

halloween 70

There was also a ton of candy and food at 70% off, this was just one wall. There was also another aisle full of food and candy.

halloween boo berry

I spotted a whole shelf of Boo Berry cereal at 70% off. These will be only $.75 at 70% off. There appears to be a Catalina coupon printing for some when you buy 4 boxes of general mills cereal (coupon is $2 off 5 cereals).

scarves & bags

I found several scarves, bags and backpacks at 70% off

toddler clothing

There seems to be a ton of clothing clearance throughout the store. I some at 50-70% off in the infant/toddler section.

clothing girls

I found clothing deals in the boys and girls sections too. Many store have school uniforms marked down to 70% off for both boys and girls.

car care

The car care section has quite a few new markdowns at 30% off. The whole aisle had markdowns here and there.

sleeping bags 30

There were some sleeping bags marked down to 30% off. On a few occasions I have gotten sleeping bags at 70% off, but they are usually snatched up at 50% off. The inventory on these just isn’t big enough for them to make it to 70% off usually.


Lastly, make sure you check out the home fragrance section for lots of Glade fall scents marked down. For some reason these seem to take forever to get to 50% off.

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Readers 90% off Halloween Shopping Trips & Clearance Finds

We are sharing some awesome photos of readers 90% Halloween clearance finds (food was 70% off).  We’ve had a blast looking at all of your photos!  Please, keep those pictures coming!


April did awesome, she paid only $9 for her haul.  I LOVE the cute Mickey tee she found!

stacey halloween

Check out the fun things Stacey found.   What a deal on the apron, you can always use another apron.


Marty paid only $31.43 for all of this.  She found food, tees, candy and more.


Jennifer was thrilled to finish up her daughter’s dress up trunk with all these costumes and wands she found.  Her total was only $23.   I love this idea!!


Megan scored some great Batman items.   She got the Batman LEGOS fofor $.39 and the Batman flashlight just $.50.


Felice snatched up these Halloween stake lights and Jack-o-Lantern lights for $1.50 and $.80.


Lisa’s hidden Halloween clearance items included, soap, glasses, Hello Kitty tee and some raisins.   Nice job!    Those glasses are the cutest!


Young picked up a pink skeleton 2 piece pj set for $.99, 4 piece pj set for $1.59 and a Hello kitty tutu for just $1.40.  She found all these in their regular section.


I absolutely love this ghost nightlight Elizabeth found in the lighting section.  It is too cute!


Elizabeth also pick up these pretty headbands and cool skeleton cups for kids.


Rachel brought home a nice selection of Halloween and fall baking items, including cookies mixes, cookie cutters and more.


Rachel was on a roll and snatched up these adorable baby clothes and accessories.


There was a great selection of boy Halloween themed tees for only $.90 each at Samantha’s store.


Check out this super cute Poochie & co kitty purse Kim found in the girls section, it was only $1.29.


Amanda scooped up this orange tumbler for only $.40.


Iris found an end cap with lunch bags, and leaf/yard waste bags down to 90% off.

We love to hear what clearance deals you have been finding, you can share your Target clearance deals the following ways: