Readers’ 90% off Halloween Clearance Deals

I love when holiday clearance goes 90% off!! It’s so much fun seeing what you all find especially when I don’t have time to make it to the store myself. I can share in all the great stuff you all find, so thanks so much for sharing these photos.

The Halloween food and candy should be 70% off while all other Halloween items are 90% off at Target today. Please keep in mind that some stores may vary from this schedule, but I have heard from TONS of people that it is in fact 90% off today.


Wow! Check out all the great things Brynne bought at 90% off. I am so impressed with all the Frozen costumes she found.


I thought my store had a lot left at 70% off, but check out what Keri’s store has left at 90% off. This is the location in Magnolia TX outside of The Woodlands. Apparently the Target Halloween clearance IS bigger in Texas.


Here is what April scored, she even found organic snacks for kids at 70% off. I am jealous of those finds for sure.


Here is what Christina said about her haul: I got a girls minion costume, toddler bee costume, Spider-Man and captain America costumes, two sets of ninja swords, 3 minion lollipops, one decorative pumpkin, a bag of candy corn Hershey’s bars, a costume bask with feathers, black widow costume, giant Pom Pom kit, light up avengers stickers, and 3 sets of play wings. All the candy and stickers are going in Christmas stockings, the costumes are for the kids when they play dress-up. Only spent $22 and I saved over $175!


This is what Kristi found in Canton, OHIO.


Kristine paid $24 for everything she found.   Notice she also found some of the dollar spot clearance which included gift bags and tissue.


Lacey found all this at her Marquette, MI store.   I can’t believe she still found some of the Up & Up orange cups, those were only $.29 for each pack.   You scored girl!

Keep those photos coming!   Not only do I love to see them, but everybody else does too.   Please share your photos any of the following ways:

Target Halloween Clearance 90% off?!!

Screen Shot 2015-11-07 at 12.58.36 AM

It sounds like today is the day the Halloween items will be marked down to 90% off. I have already received several reports that the markdown has happened at several readers stores. Happy shopping all! Just remember to scan a couple of items to see if they are indeed 90% off, you can’t always trust the signs. Don’t forget to also check the items that were in the Target dollar spot.

You know when want to see your photos. Please share your photos any of the following ways:

Reader’s Target Clearance Finds & Shopping Trips

While we wait for the Halloween clearance to hit 90% off, we thought it would be fun to share a mix of reader’s Halloween clearance and other great clearance deals, plus some super shopping trips!

target read hall clear new cristi 1

WOW!  Check out Cristi’s Clearance haul which included, kids’ tees, cool beware sign, decor & more.  She spent $116 and save $160!

target read clear new julie

Julie picked up a ton of party and office supplies from the dollar spot for 70% off.  She paid just $14 for everything.

target hall clear new sarah

I LOVE these adorable dresses Sarah found at 70% off.  I think the bat dress is my fave!

target read clear michelle 5

Michelle had an awesome shopping trip and picked all of this for 70% off!  Apparel, cosmetic bags, paper plates and so much  more.

target read hall clear new nicky

Nicky found a Halloween Hot Wheels pack which was priced at $1.49 ($.30 per car).

target read hall clear new megan

Meagan scored several great items at 70% off, Halloween puzzles, Hot Wheels, cups & more.

target clear alina

Alina hit the jack pot and pick up all of these items for only $27 after coupons and Cartwheel offers.

target read hall clear new cristi

Check out these epic Star Wars items Cristi found on clearance, she also scored some Cowboys items and hangers.

target read hallo clear kristine

Kristine picked up a ton of food items at 50% off, Kool-aid, chips, fruit snacks.  She even grabbed some Kleenex and puzzles.

Looking at your photos of all of the great clearance deals you share with us is one of our favorite things to do, please continue to share your Target clearance deals with us the following ways:

Readers 70% off Halloween Clearance Finds & Shopping Trips

Wow!  We are blow away by all of the fantastic 70% off Halloween clearance deals you found!  Thanks so much for taking the time to share with us!

target halloween clear new katie

Katie hit the jack pot with all of these amazing 70% off clearance finds!  I love the cool wrapping and tissues paper she found from the dollar spot!

target read halloween kristine

Kristine scored a Play-doh Halloween bag for only $.49 after she used the $1/1 Play-doh printable coupon (which sadly is no longer available).

target read halloween clear kristine

Here is the rest of Kristine’s 70% off haul, she paid only $23.27 for everything and saved $69.98.

target halloween read clear new lacey

Lacey had a fabulous clearance shopping trip and found everything from costumes, hoodie, make-up, decor & so much more.

target read halloween kelly

Kelly found a couple of baking pans priced at $2.99 each.  I love the pumpkin baking pan!

target halloween clear new kristi

I love the polka dot pillow Kristi found.  She also picked up gift bags, plastic ware and and some pumpkin baking pans which she used 20% off Cartwheel offer that saved her even more.

target read halloween andrea 299

Check out this super cute 2-piece pj set Andrea found priced at $2.99 (reg $9.99).

target halloween clear new kim

Kim got lucky and scored one of the neat “Thankful” signs.  She also brought home other cool Halloween signs and decor.

We have had a blast looking at all of the super Halloween clearance deals you all have shared with us.  Feel free to share your Target clearance deals with us the following ways:

Target Halloween Clearance Update (70% & 30%) ~ My Store had TONS!!

Target Halloween Clearance 70 off

Wow!  My store had a ton of Halloween clearance left!   I usually wait until 90% off to buy anything, but there were a couple of Thanksgiving items that I knew wouldn’t last so I bought those and I also bought the only pack of orange plastic cups I could find.


I giggled when I saw this Thankful sign!  I fell in love with it.   It was marked down to $7.50 (reg $25.00).   It lights up and it is awesome!


These LED lanterns were $6.00 (reg $20.00).


Hello cuteness!   This fall figure was marked down to $1.50 (reg $5.00).

PicMonkey Collage

Welcome sign was $2.10 (reg $7.00)  and rooster was $2.40 (reg $8.00)


Wooden serving tray was $4.50 (reg $15.00).   I think this would be cute to put in the middle of your table with fall decor or candles.

soap (1)

There are soap dispenser that are usually $12.99 marked down to $3.90.   Don’t rule these out because of the decal on the front, you can either just turn it around of even remove the decal.


This super cute pillow was marked down to $4.50 (reg $15.00).


e.l.f. make up kits were $2.40 (reg $8.00)


Single e.l.f. eyeliner was only $.30 (reg $1.00).


Get nail polish for only $.59 (reg $1.99).


Orange plastic silverware by Cheeky was 70% off and priced at $1.19.


I found one lonely box of Hefty Slider Bags for $.89.   Keep in mind that there is coupon for $2/3 so if you have enough at your store you can use that too.


I found a pack of Up & Up plastic cups for $.89.

Here is a peek at probably about 1/2 of what my store had, they really had a ton of stuff left.   For those that are local, I shopped at the Federal Way, WA location.

PicMonkey Collage





All of the food and candy were still 30% off at my store.

I’d love to see photos of your deals, please share any of the following ways:

Target Halloween Clearance 70% off (Some Hidden Deals too)

target halloween clearance pic

It sounds like many Target stores have marked down the Halloween clearance to 70% off today. This includes costumes, decor and more. The food is excluded from the markdown and it appears as if it has stayed at 30% off at most locations.

Make sure you check around the entire store because you may find some deals were put back in their respective departments. You will also want to use the scanner to check prices because sometimes they don’t get around to changing the red clearance signs. Happy shopping!


You will also want to check in the clothing department. Reader Stephanie found these cute dresses for $3.89 (reg $12.99)


Watch for these Sinful Colors “Glow in the Dark” nail polish. They retail for $1.99, so are ringing up at only $.59. Great stocking stuffer for the teen girls in your house.

Target Halloween 70 90


IMG_6649 (1)


Check for paper plates, cups and more in the paper good section and in the party section.


Hefty items may be found with the plastic wrap.

One of my favorite things is seeing all the great clearance deals you all find. Please share your photos any of the following ways:

Target Weekly Clearance Update (Plaid Items, Kitchen & more)

I stopped by my Federal Way, WA Target to scope out the clearance deals for you and this is what I found this week. Remember that clearance can vary by location so you many not find the exact same deals at your store.


Cute electronic gadgets were marked down to 70% off.   These would make great gifts or stocking stuffers for teens.

PicMonkey Collage

There are still some party supplies and cards marked down to 70% off.


There is a large selection of clothing on clearance in every department.   Check out all the items I found at 70% off in the women’s department.   There is about 3 times as much marked down to 50% off.


Some slip-on shoes are marked down to 70% off.   I found mostly large and smaller sizes.


I think these gold ceramic canning jars would make a great pencil holder on a desk.   These were 50% off and priced at $2.48.


I thought these jars with the gold polka dots were super cute.   I picked up a set at 50% off.   I plan on gifting them with some treats for Christmas.


Room Essentials string lights were found at 50% off ($7.48).    My stores had a ton of these, there is a good chance I will see these make ti to 70% off.


I found the yard and garden items marked down to 50% off.    I have heard from several people that have actually found these already marked down to 70% off.


Some Yankee Candles are 50% off.    Keep an eye on these because they should make it to 70% off soon.  If you have a candle loving friend these would make great Christmas gifts.


My store had a couple of these Embark 4-person tents marked down to 50% off, it was only $24.98.

fall kitchen 50

I spotted a lot of the kitchen items that they brought in for fall marked down to 50% off.   They are already stocking the new kitchen items for Christmas so take a peek at those next time you head to Target.

glass rolling pins 50

The plaid rolling pins and glass bottles were also marked down to 50% off.


The remainder of the plaid kitchen items were marked down to 30% off.


I found the HP Envy 5530 printer at 30% off.   I own the HP Envy 5540 and I love it.   You can print directly from your smartphone and I opted for Instant Ink, which I love!

I know most of you enjoy seeing what others find on clearance.   Please share your photos any of the following ways and we will try our best to share your photo on the blog.