Target: School Supplies 70% off??

I am getting lots of reports that school supplies have made it to 70% off finally.   Keep in mind that the school supply clearance will vary greatly because school starts at different times in different areas.   Most stores should be 70% off by now because they need the room to add new seasonal merchandise.  Check out the awesome school supplies our reader’s Michelle and Nicky found at 70% off!  Let’s hear what you have been finding at your store.

target read clear nicky

There was a great variety of binders, notebooks and paper 70% off at Nicky’s store.  The binders were only $3.88 a piece.

target read clear school michelle pic 2

Michelle found a ton of school supplies down to 70% off.  Here is the breakdown:

World and United States Maps $2.68
Paints (Red, Blue, Yellow) $1.48 each
Mr. Sketcher Scented Markers $3.28
48 ct Pencils $1.78
70 page note book $.05

target read clear school pic 1

Michelle picked up a bunch of backpacks, these were priced at $14.98 (reg $49.99).

target read clear michelle pic 2

Michelle also spotted kids’ Thermos priced at $4.48.

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Reader’s Target Clearance Finds & Shopping Trips

Here are some great photos of reader’s clearance find and shopping trips! Thanks so much for sharing with us.

target read clear grill andrea 50

Andrea found a couple of nice grills marked down to 50% off.

target read clear nidia

Nidia scored a bunch of super cute sandals for girls on clearance for 50% off, she used the 25% off Cartwheel offer (valid through today) to save to save even more.

target read clear danielle

Danielle had a great shopping trip and picked up a couple of tees for only $1.50 each, and the flip flops were priced at $3.56.

target read clear jenny

Jenny also got a great deal with the 25% off Cartwheel offer, she brought home 3 pairs of really nice sandals for women.

target read clear danielle colgate

Check out all of the Colgate bottles Danielle picked up for only $.24 a bottle!

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Readers 70% off Toy Clearance Finds & Shopping Trips

Here is a new batch of photos of our readers shopping trips and 70% off toy clearance finds. Some of these photos include items we haven’t seen before.

target toy clear kelly

SCORE!!! Kelly got super lucky and found this Step 2 Day at the Beach sand & water table priced at only $14.98 (reg $49.99), that’s 70% off!

target toy clear young park 448

Young paid only $4.48 for this super cute Melissa & Doug Make a Cake wooden play set.

target toy clear new deanna

Deanna’s haul included Mooskhia, Lala Loopsy dolls, FurReal pets, Disney activity sets & more.  Her total was only $155 for everything!

target toy clear new kelli

Here are the super items Kelli brought home at 70% off.  She grabbed some nice variety of super hero toys.

target toy clear new andrea 1

Andrea scooped up a cool Street Hawk toy along with some LeapFrog and Hape toys.  Cute cat not included in the sale.

target toy clear new ashley

Check out all of the 70% off toys Ashley found which included a couple of adorable dress-up costumes.

target toy clear stacey

Stacey hit the jack pot and found an Imaginext toy 70% off at her store.  She also added a couple of Zoomer dogs, Magformer toys & more.

target toy clear new stefani 80 205

Stefani paid only $80 for her 70% off haul and save $205! NICE!!

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Readers 70% off Toy Clearance Finds & Shopping Trips

Here are even more awesome photos of readers 70% off toy clearance deals!   Thanks so much for sharing with us.

target read clear toy ashley

Wow! Ashley did amazing and found so many great items, VTech, Fisher-Price, Hape Play-doh sets and so much more.

target read clear toy clear kristin innotab 1299

I am totally jealous of the InnoTab Kristin picked up for only $33.99 (reg $112.99).  She also grabbed Spot It! game, Minnie tea set, FurReal pet & more.

target read clear wendy toy

Check it out, Wendy scored a Circuit Maker & Nanoblocks along with other super finds!

target read clear toy andrea 1

WOW! Andrea’s Target store in New Mexico had a nice variety of LeapFrog Tag Reader systems, Zoomer Dog and a LeapFrog LeapPad XDI.

target read clear toy andrea New Mexico

Here are the other fantastic deals Andrea added to her 70% off clearance shopping trip, Doc McStuffins playsets, Aquadoodle and a Harpe toy.

target read clear toy kourtney

Kourtney did super and picked up a B. easel, play kitchen, games, John Deer truck and more.

target read clear toy chasity

I love the Disney Frozen items Chasity found, she also brought home Trivial Pursuit and Taboo Buzz’d electronic games.

targret read clear toy liz

Liz 70% off shopping trip was a huge success, she even found many great brands like Black & Decker, Thomas & Friends, Disney, Harpe and more.

target read clear toy rachel

Rachael was thrilled with all of her toy clearance finds which included, Sesame Street, FurReal Friends, VTech, Melissa & Doug pizza toy.

tagret read clear toy sarah

Sarah plans to add these awesome 70% off toys to her therapy clinic and gift closet!

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Target: Clearance Toys 70% off Today + Readers Shopping Trips

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 9.49.29 AM

Today is the day that most Target stores marked down their clearance toys to 70% off.   Many stores were in the process of marking down while people were shopping.  Some people also found that the toys weren’t all on one aisle, they were scattered all over the department.

Our readers have been sharing photos of their shopping trips (which I love)!   We are sharing several with you right now.   It’s fun to see what other find and helps you to know what to watch for.   Keep in mind that clearance deals will vary by location, so I can’t promise you will find the exact same toys marked down at your store.  (Please note, image at top is from a previous sale not the one happening today)

Not finding toys marked down to 70% off at your store:   There are a couple of things that could be happening that you can keep in mind.

  • They employees may be marking down the toys later in the day
  • The 70% off markdown may happen next Thursday instead


I am totally impressed with Jessica’s shopping trip.  She scored so many amazing brands like Hape, Melissa & Doug, Play-Doh and more.   We own that Ladybug Game and highly recommend it, if you spot that on clearance I would totally pick that up.


Heather found a popular Zoomer dog marked down to 70% off, plus other goodies.   She had just started shopping.  I love that she shared a photo before she even left the store.


Chelsea also scored some great brands like B. and Hape.  That dog game in the back is super too!


Ashley found these great toys at 70% off.   She scored some great Leap Frog & Hape toys.   (Dog was not 70% off).


Cheyenne found these items.  I love the Duple and Tinkertoy set she found at 70% off.


Leah found this Palace Pets toys marked down to only $17.98.


Dani found Vtech, Fisher-Price, FurReal Friends and so many other great toys.


Karen found some amazing LEGO sets at 50% off.   All the other items were 70% off.  I would have been thrilled to find that Imaginext set at 70% off my boys loved that one when they were little.


More of Karen’s finds, including a NERF Rebelle set!


Check out all the great toys Noelle found at 70% off.

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Reader Found Toys Marked Down to 70% off Today (Wednesday)


Reader Jessica stopped by her Target in Memphis, TN and found the employees marking down the toys to 70% off.  Check out all the great deals she found!   There are a few stores that do markdowns on the toy department on Wednesdays instead of Thursdays. It helps to get familiar with your store to know what day they do markdowns.  I don’t believe the majority of the stores will do the markdown today (I have heard from tons of people who said there was no markdown at their store).

So, if you know for a fact that your store marks down on Wednesdays today would be a great day to check.  Since Jessica found all of these toys marked down today it leads me to believe the BIG markdown will take place tomorrow Thursday, July 30th for the majority of us.

If you head to your store today, I would love to hear what you find!

Target Toys Clearance: More Toys we Found

Here is another peek at some toys we found on clearance. You can view more toys HERE and the LEGOs we found HERE.

Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 10.32.35 AM

Keep in mind that there is currently a 20% off Cartwheel that is good on clearance toys.   Target was pretty clever issuing this Cartwheel before the big 70% off markdown, because when you use the 20% off Cartwheel on an items that is marked down 50% you are saving 60% off the original price.

Here is the math:
$19.99 (original price)
$9.98 (50% off)
-$2.00 (save 20% off with Cartwheel)
Final Price = $7.98

If you wait to buy the item at 70% off you would pay only $5.98 instead of $7.98. I think many people are going to say to themselves “I’m not saving that much more by waiting” and buy the toys now.   I do think this will effect how many toys will be left towards the end of the month. Keep in mind the Cartwheel offer excludes LEGO.













PicMonkey Collage


I will say that I have noticed a lot more clearance for girls and little ones this year. Let’s hear if you plan to buy your toys now with the Cartwheel or if you just plan on seeing what you can find when they get marked down to 70% off.