Target: Baby Gear Clearance now 50-70% off

Monday is generally the day they mark down the baby clearance.   I know many of you have been keeping an eye on the clearance car seats, strollers, play yards, etc.    I found that items ere marked down 50-70% off at my Federal Way WA store.

Here is a peek at a few of the deals:

baby gear 1

This Ameda breast pump was 70% off, and priced around $58.

baby gear 2

The Evenflo booster seat was 50% off and price at $41.98.

baby gear 3

This dresser was 50% off and priced at $124.98.

There is a good chance that if anything is left by next Monday it should go down to 70% off.

Readers Target Shopping Trips & Clearance Finds

Today we are some readers Target shopping trips and clearance finds! There were a few people that found a nice selection of 70% off toys at their stores, this should give us a sneak peek of what many of us may find next week (if they go down to 70% off). We really enjoy seeing all the terrific deals you all are able to find at your Target stores.  Please continue to share with us!



Anna’s HUGE 70% off toy haul included Disney Planes, La La Loopsy dolls, Doc McStuffins & more


Anna was on a roll and found even more toys at 70% off.  The best part is, all of these toys will go in operation Christmas child shoe boxes!  Awesome!


Kilty got a nice surprise when these unmarked LEGO toys rang up at 70% off. That is an incredible discount for LEGOs.


Catherine did great, she found My Little Pony, Mike Knight, Spider-man and more at 70%.


Carrie was thrilled with her 50-70% off toy finds. Justice League figures were $1.78, Mike the Knight bath squirt toy were $2.98 and the Fisher Price Puzzles were $2.48.


Here is what Stacey scooped up at her store, these were both marked down to 70% off.


Jessica grabbed a Leapster GS for 70% off, a doll and Monster High password journal for 50% off.


Katy got super lucky and found these Disney Fairies 70% off.


This Teenage Mutant Ninga Turtles Dojo Ninja Star Blaster toy was 70% off at Meaghan’s store.


Meaghan also scooped up a super cute Sofia the First doll at 70% off.


Meaghan was on a roll and scored some nice Disney Planes toys at 50% off.


Tina spotted this super cool Laser Pegs toy marked down to 70% off.


Check out the nice 70% off finds Chantal brought home. Eddie Bauer car seat and a couple of nice frames.


Rebecca paid only $60 for all of these items which included toys at 70% off. Great job!


Kimberly was thrilled to find shoes for the whole family at 70% off.

We love to hear what clearance deals you have been finding, you can share your Target clearance deals the following ways:

Target Weekly Clearance Update (70% off Some Toys, Decor & more)

Here is your weekly clearance update, all of these items were found at the Sunrise Puyallup, WA Target location.  Keep in mind clearance will vary by location, so you may not find the exact same markdowns at your store.


This week we are sharing several photos of toys on clearance, this will give you a general idea of what you might find when the big 70% off toy clearance happens (probably next week on 7/31).  I did notice there were several clearance toys mixed in with other toys at regular price in every aisle.  So be sure to have a look around.


I was pleasantly surprised to find a few toys at 70% off.   These Angy Birds Star Wars Jenga and Angry Birds Go items were both  70% off.



Hex Bug Warriors Battling Robots toys were 70% off.


Beywarriors BeyRaiderz toys were also 70% off.


Studiogirl make-your-own paper mache and make-your-own art collage were 70% off.


Wee Baby and Groovy girls accessories were 70% off


I found tons of Hot Wheels marked down to 50% off.


Disney Planes race track and Disney Cars stunt show were  50% off.


Awesome MegaBloks Skylanders Giants set was 50% off


There was a full row of Sofia the First toys at 50% off, magic talking castle, dolls, play sets & lots more.    We should see many of these make it to 70% off, most stores I visit have a lot of Sofia The First toys.


Disney Fairies and Thomas & Friends were down to 50% off.  I am totally hope to SCORE the Disney Fairies set at 70% off!


Several Spider-man action figures, Angry Birds and other action toys were are 50% off.


I spotted a huge variety of Play-doh at 50% off.    Play-Doh is a classic toy, these are great to pick up when they hit 70% off.


Several LeapFrog items were also 50% off.


VTech Learning laptop, plus, VTech MobiGo games are 50% off.


I found most of the Nerf toys were marked down to 50% off.     I’m going to be kind of excited if I score Nerf item at 70% off.



Kids art kits and a few Melissa & Doug items were 50% off.    Melissa & Doug is another great brand that I would love to find at 70% off.    I wouldn’t hesitate picking up this brand at 50% off.    Great stuff!


Monster High, Dorothy & To To dolls are 50% off.     I was surprised to find that there wasn’t a lot of Barbie toys on clearance at my store.


These really cool VTech Roll & Learn activity suitcase and Bright Stars Cluck & Learn Barn toys were 30% off.


My store had a full row of puzzles for 30% off.    I find puzzles make a fun activity for those yucky rainy days.


Really cool Skylanders pillow and blanket was marked down to 70% off.



There were a few décor items for 70% off, which included, frames, jewelry boxes, trays and Threshold pillows.


In the beauty department I spotted a few fragrances like Faith Hill marked down to 70% off.


Sonia Kashuk cosmetic bags were 50%.  I really like the bright colors.


I came across a nice selection of Sally Hansen nail polish for 50% off.


I found an end cap full of baskets with hair accessories, nail polish, lip stick & more for 30-50% off.


I love this Book Buggee, it was 50% off.    Super cute for a kids room.


Super cute Munchkin lunch box were 30% off, and travel pal frog no mess totes were 50% off


Spritz party décor was now down to 50% off.  Bags, tape dispenser, tissue paper and more.



My store had 3 full racks of toddler clothes 50% off, there were a few at 30% off in the mix.



Boys shorts and shirts are now down to 50% off. Shawn White, Cherokee & more.


There was a big selection of Nutrisystem for men and women at 50% off.



There was wall full of summer flip flops and slip on shoes all at 50% off.    Many have been finding shoes at 70% off, so make sure to cheek out this department when you head to Target.


Women’s big tote bags were all 50% off.


Bright colored umbrella’s are now 50% off.


Cute kids place mats were 50% off.


These really cool dishes, bowls and cups were marked down to 30% off.


Lastly, I found an end cap of painter’s tape and cans of primer at 30% off.    Which have been 30% off FOREVER!!!

We love to hear what clearance deals you have been finding, you can share your Target clearance deals the following ways:

Tips for Shopping the Day of the Target 70% off Toy Sale

Tips for Shopping the Target 70% off Toy Clearance

If you are new to this unadvertised clearance sale, here are a couple of posts to get you up to speed:

Learn about the 70% off Toy Clearance at Target (Usually happens January and July/August)

Getting Ready for the Target 70% off Toys Clearance (things to do before the sale starts)

Here are some tips for shopping the day of the sale:

Arrive early:
Once word gets out that the markdown has taken place, things will start to go quick.    At some stores everything may have already been marked down when the stores open, at other stores you may have to shop while the employees are marking stuff down.   There is no way to know what it will be like at your store.

Leave the kids at home:
The aisles get crowded, if possible it’s so much easier to shop if you can leave the kids at home.   Maybe a friend can babysit for you while you pick up items she wants.   Team work!   If you do have to bring your kids, I usually say stuff like “Oh, don’t you think your cousin Cason would love this Lego”, so it’s totally tricks them into thinking I am not buying the Lego for them.   (Do you think that works?)  I have had years where I have had to bring my small children. so it is possible it’s just not my idea of fun. (once I even brought 4 of them – crazy, huh?)

Don’t believe the signs (check the stickers):
When you get there the signs in the toy department may say 30% or 50% off – don’t believe them!!!   I would walk down the aisles and check the individual stickers, you will probably find the items are in fact 70% off. The employees are so busy scanning and changing prices, they don’t get the chance to change the signs.

The scanners are your friends:
If you see an item that is only 50% off, scan it to see if it is actually cheaper.   It takes the employees awhile to actually switch out all the price tags on the toys so they may not have gotten to all of them yet.   If you scan and see the toy is 70% off, a happy dance is required!

The employees are your friends too:
They employees with the pricing guns are the ones that are changing all the prices on the toys.   In order for the new discount to take effect, they have to scan each one of the items with their pricing gun, if the price is lower they will have a little red price sticker print out with the new price.   If there are 3 identical Leap Frog items, only one item needs to be scanned, once one item is scanned all the exact same Leap Frog items will ring up at the new lower price.

Since there are a lot of toys it takes the employees awhile to price all the toys.  Maybe you found a 50% off toy on the next aisle over that the employees haven’t gotten to yet.

When I first started shopping this sale (about 13 year ago) nobody knew about it.  It was kind of like my own little secret!  Asking the employees to check to see if an item was lower with their little pricing guns was a piece of cake.   Now, the employees have a long line of people wanting price checks and it is not easy on them.   I ask politely if they can check and item or two (not a whole cart).   I have never had anyone turn me down.  They employees at my stores have always been more than polite and I appreciate them so much for it!

Have fun:
I have had great experiences almost every time I have shopped this sale.  I find that most everyone is willing to point out where they found an item or share their thoughts on toys. I have run into several Grandmother’s that love to chat about their grandchildren.  It can be fun and friendly experience!   Make the most of it, even if it’s chaotic and you see and people buying tons of items for Ebay.

Share your Photos:
One of my favorite parts of this big sale is seeing all the fun stuff people bought. I LOVE PHOTOS!! Please email me photos of your finds to, or you can post directly to the All Things Target Facebook wall if you want.

Oh, and I should mention if you end up shopping at more than one Target, it doesn’t make you crazy, it makes you dedicated!!    Have fun everyone!!

Readers Target Shopping Trips & Clearance Finds

Here are some readers Target shopping trips and clearance finds!  We love seeing all the awesome deals you all are able to find at your Target stores.  Please continue to share with us!


Milly was super happy to find this Inferno heater at 70% off.


Reena hit the jack pot with these patio chairs that were 70% off.  I love the pillows she added, it looks great.


Sacha struck gold and found a nice selection of toys 70% off already!  WOW!


I am a wee bit jealous of all the Disney fairies Sacha found at 70% off.   SCORE!!!


Heather got a nice surprise when these LEGO Duplo toys rang up at 70% off.  She paid only $7.


WOW!  Check out Giselle awesome 50% off toy haul!  Star Wars toys, LEGOs, My Little Pony and so much more.  She saved a whopping $128.71.


Sacha was on roll, these LEGO toys were all 50% off, which is awesome discount for LEGOs.


Kilty got a great deal on these LEGO toys, they were all 50% off.  Her LEGO clearance finds included a Millennium Falcon, Dragon Mountain and a Stunt Plane.


Lisa was thrilled to bring home these adorable Hello Kitty pillows which were 70% off, they were a perfect fit for her daughter’s play house.


Megan spotted this VTech Touch learning system for 50% off.


Linh’s store had tons of LeapFrog tag books 50% off.


Kristin snatched up this super cute Sofia the First 2-n-1 drawing easel and vanity mirror at a super price, she paid only $19.99 (50% off).


Check out the nice variety of shoes that were 70% off at Christina’s store, she found shoes for the whole family.


Toni grabbed 3 pairs of shoes and 3 summer buckets all at 70% off.


Amy’s Target store had a ton of kids shoes on clearance, including a full end cap of super hero shoes.  She paid only $7 for these totally rad Batman shoes.

PicMonkey Collage

Myriam from Canada found some super 90% off summer finds, plus, check out the awesome way she brought her haul home!  Love it!

We love to hear what clearance deals you have been finding, you can share your Target clearance deals the following ways:

Target Weekly Clearance Update (90% off Summer, 70% off Frames & more)

The big news this week is that the summer items went to 90% off.    There is a good chance there isn’t much summer clearance left at the stores, but if you want to see what people are finding make sure you check out all of these photos of readers 90% off Summer Clearance finds.

These items were found at the Renton, WA Target location.   Keep in mind clearance will vary by location, so you may not find the exact same markdowns at your store.

frames 70

frames 2

I found quite a few nice frames marked down to 70% off.


Sonia Kashuk make-up brushes and cases were 70% off.

toys clear today

Of course we are still waiting for the big 70% off toy clearance to happen. Most of the toys are currently 30-50% off. A few people have spotted a few misc. toys at 70% off, but nothing major.

young house love

The Young House Love products have been marked down to 50% off.

girls jewelry

A good portion of the jewelry in the girls department is 50% off. If you see these go to 70% off it would be a great time to pick up a few for stocking stuffers.

baby pump

There is still some nice clearance finds in the baby section. This breast pump was marked down to 70% off.

baby gear

Baby gear is still 30% off. I would think we should see these go to 50% off next week.

misc baby

There are also other baby items on clearance, I spotted the popular Sophie Giraffe for 30% off.


sally hansen

There seems to be lots of nail polish on clearance for 30% off. I really like the Sally Hansen kits with 3 nail colors. I am hoping these will still be around at 70% off. It would be great to pick up a couple for gifts. If they make it to 70% off they will only be $1.48.


shoes 1

shoes 2

There are a ton of shoes on clearance right now. I took this photo on Wednesday and Thursday is the markdown day for the shoe department, so there is a good chance these have gone down to 50% off. I have even heard from a couple of people that have found shoes at 70% off today.


Lots of cute wristlets at 50% off.

belts 30

I noticed a bunch of belts at 30% off.


There are a lot of undergarments marked down to 30% off. You can usually easily find these at 70% off, we just have to wait a couple of weeks.

gift wrap

Some of the gift wrap items have been stuck at 30% off for awhile, I am thinking we will see these go to 50% off next week.

We love to hear what clearance deals you have been finding, you can share your Target clearance deals the following ways:

Get Ready for the 70% off Target Toy Clearance

It’s getting close to the time when a good portion of the clearance toys will be marked down to 70% off at Target.   The markdown should happen at most stores on a Thursday, but it is possible for stores to mark them down on a Wednesday or even Friday.

If history repeats itself, the markdown should take place on Thursday, July 31st 2014.   Please understand this is not a guaranteed date, it can happen the week before or the week after.    This is an unadvertised clearance, so we won’t know for certain when it happens until it happens.    Historically, the markdown has taken place the last week in July.

Here are some things you can do BEFORE the big sale happens to make sure you are ready for the big day!

Make your list and set your budget:
Figure out your budget now, and stick to it.   It is so easy to go overboard when you see all of the great deals.   I would also make a list of potential gifts you will need for the year.   It’s much easier to decide what to buy when you have specific people in mind.   When I make my list I usually ad a few items for birthday parties my kids may get invited to through the year   (Example: My son is 8, so I will look for items that will work for boys turning 9.)

Check the clearance deals now:
If possible, you will want to visit all of your local Target stores now.   If you have 3 Target’s that are close to your house (LUCKY!) you will want to check what the clearance is like at each store.   This will help you know which store has the largest selection of clearance, and help you to see if there is a store that has more of the items you are interested in.  The store that meets most of your needs should be the one you shop at first.

Should you buy items at 50% off:
If you see an item that you are extremely interested in, but the stock is very low, you may want to pick it up at 50% off.   I do this for VERY FEW items!   I figure another amazing sale will always come along.

If you see an item that has been marked down to 70% off and you already purchased the item at 50% off, you will not be eligible for a price adjustment.   Target does not do price adjustments on clearance items.   You can buy the item at 70% off and then return the original item with your 50% off receipt.

Check reviews before you buy:
Once you have seen which toys are available, go home and check the reviews on  Some toys aren’t worth the money even at 70% off.   You want to make sure you are bringing home quality items that will get played with and last a long time

Keep your schedule clear:
Don’t make any appointments on Wednesday or Thursday for the next couple of weeks.  I am serious about this one!!  It may seem silly, but you don’t want to miss the sale, because you had a dental appointment. Seriously, what’s more exciting – shopping for toys at 70% off, or getting your teeth cleaned?

Get your hiding spot ready:
Once you buy your toys, you are going to need a place to hide them.   I have kept things in my car a couple of times, because I wasn’t exactly sure where I wanted to store them.   On both occasions one of the kids saw something that I was planning to give them for their birthday.  I hate it when that happens!

Check for coupons or rebates:
Check to see if there are any coupons or rebates.  Make sure you check for Target printable toy coupons too.

Here is more information regarding the 70% off Target toy sale:

Target Summer Clearance 90% off

Today we are sharing readers Target summer clearance 90% off finds!  We are totally amazed at all the super deals you all were able to score!  Thanks so much for sharing with us.


Erika hit the jack pot with her 90% off haul.  She paid only $58 for everything which included a few pools.  WOW!


Holy cow, check out the HUGE Savings Meghann scooped up at 90%:

  • Lounge chairs $2.50 each (reg $25!!!)
  • 4 pk tumblers $.99
  • Tumblers $.17 to $.19 each!
  • All sorts of other goodies!
  • Saved over $200


Check out all of the awesome 90% off goodies Michelle at Le Hoarder found.  Tumblers, platter, buckets and so much more.


Donna scored big time with her 90% off finds.  I love the table tennis paddles, plus, the shark place mat is too cute.


Here is Pam’s HUGE 90% off haul, toys, beach towels, napkins and the list goes on and on!


Pam’s favorite 90% off find was these coolers and BBQ grills which rang up at only $1.80 each! WOW!


Jill did great and brought home lots of summer toys at 90% off.  Best part, she only paid $9.00.


Cathy found beach towels, napkins, tumblers all at 90% off.


Jennifer picked up all of this for only $16.  Glad containers, sunscreen, plates, beach towels etc.


Natalia was thrilled with her 90% off summer clearance items, which included super cute watering cans, bowls, toy golf set & more.


Look at all the awesome things Sarah grabbed at 90% off.


Maggie walked away with this awesome haul for only $75 which included 5 coolers, even though there were no clearance signs at her store!  SCORE!


Maggie was on a roll and found tons of outdoor games and hula hoops marked down to 90% off.


Gretchen’s 90% off finds included sand toys, folding chair, horse shoe game, golf set toys.


Here is everything Melissa got for only $13.48!

  • bocce ball set
  • 3 packs of reusable plastic plates
  • 2 chip and dip platters
  • 8 3-packs of kids sunscreen spray
  • 2 bottles of detangling spray (not on clearance)
  • set of string globe lights
  • 3 packs of cute summer patterned napkins all for 13.48

We love to hear what clearance deals you have been finding, you can share your Target clearance deals the following ways: