Here are some readers Target shopping trips and more Easter clearance finds!  I love seeing what great deals you all are able to find at your Target stores.  Please continue to share!


Lindsey  picked up all the Easter items at 70% off  (food items were 50% off).   She bought Color Wonder, toothbrushes. LEGOs, princess figures and more.


Heather found these LEGO packs at 70% off.   These make great items for stocking stuffers are party treat bags.   I love finding these small sets.


Here are the items Natasha picked up at 50% off.


Angela found a really nice assortment of goodies.    Make sure you check for those Hot Wheels sets at your stores, that is one thing I haven’t been able to find at mine.


Here is Nicky’s shopping trip.


Terisa found some great things I haven’t seen before.   Besides the LEGO set, she also found another brand of block construction sets.


Check out all the cute things Kristine found at 50-70%.


Monica  found lots of make-up marked down to 70% off


Katelyn gave me the heads up on this super deal on toddler jeans on clearance for only $3.

I’d love to hear what clearance deals you have been finding, you can share your Target clearance deals the following ways:


I share a few hidden Easter deals yesterday, make sure you check them out HERE. Here are a few more items you will want to watch for, as the week progresses you may find some of these items in their respective departments instead of in back with the Easter clearance.

hidden easter

Thanks to Delena who let me know the Summer Fruit flavor EOS lip balm is ringing up on clearance.   At 50% off these are ringing up at only $1.49.

hidden easter 1

Nikole also found the blue EOS ringing up at 50% off.

hidden easter 2

These Wilton mini fluted pans are also ringing up as Easter clearance.    Check the packaging on any kitchen items that look like it may be Easter or Spring themed and scan it to see if it is marked down.

hidden easter 3


Nuk pacifiers with an Easter/Spring theme on them are 50% off.

hidden easter 4


Doc McStuffins activity bag is 50% off.     I would seriously consider picking up items now for Christmas stockings.   It’s a great way to be prepared for the holiday and save a lot of money in the process.

hidden easter 6

Nikole also found these cute puzzles ringing up at 50% off.

hidden easter 7

Mary found these dog treats ringing up at 50% off.

A big thanks to Nikole, Mary and Delena for these photos!


Target dollar spot half off

The black dot, oval and plus spot items are 50% off.    If you don’t see a sign at your store make sure you scan one of the items to see if they have in fact marked down to 50% off.     Usually these stay at 50% off for 2 days and then go down to 70% off, so if the same happens this time around we should see these go 70% off on Wednesday.

There are tons of great items this time around and they aren’t all Easter themed.    There are notebooks, stickers, ribbon, and more.


target easter clearance

The Target Easter clearance has gone to 50% off.    This will include Easter baskets, eggs, dye kits, kitchen items, small toys and many more items.

target easter clearance food

The food items start out at 30% off and will go down for there.

Here are some photos of Easter clearance items to watch for at your Target store.   All of these items were 50% off.


Pomegranate Chapschick



Colgate electric toothbrush $2.49  (reg $4.99)   These come in lots of different characters like Ninja Turtles, Disney Princess, Monster High and Monsters Inc.


Lipsmackers lip gloss 3-pack $1.99  (reg $3.99)


Sassy teether pack $2.50 (reg $5.00)


Sassy clip-on toy $2.50  (reg $5.00)


Caboodles clear case $1.99  (reg $3.99)

We would love to hear what hidden Easter clearance items you find.  Here are several ways you can share your deals, please do any of the following:


Target Weekly Clearance Update

by Shelley on April 17, 2014 in Clearance,Clearance Deals

Here are the clearance items I found at my Sunrise Puyallup, WA Target store. I was happy to find quite a few items at 50-70% off! Keep in mind clearance deals will vary by location, so you may not find the exact same deals and prices at your store.


I was shocked to find Bodyologly Fragrances mists at 80% off!!  These were only $.64 (reg $3.99) which is closer to 84% off!  I scanned these to double check and sure enough they scanned at what the sticker said. WOW!



I came across a nice variety of iPhone 5c/5s cases, Nook and Belkin cases for….80% off!  Crazy huh?  Some cases were only $3.04 (reg $19.99), which again is closer to 85% off!  LOVE IT!

targetclearcosmeticReally nice cosmetic bags and jewelry cases were at 70% off.



Super cute Paperchase Foxy Friends items which included, pens, notepad, magnets, erasers and more were all 70% off.


Colorful Mossimo bags were marked down to 70% off.


Men and women’s watches were 70% off.  I really like the “Love” watch!


I spotted a Threshold Fireplace screen for only $14.98 (70% off).



Several men’s Merona sweaters and dress shirts were all at 70% off.


Boys Champion Advanced activewear was also sitting at 70% off.  There were a few Shaun White long sleeved shirts also at 70% off.


In the sporting goods section I found a shelf of tennis balls LED lights marked down to 70% off.


Ice Melt was only $1.98 (70% off).  I know summer is right around the corner but now would be a great time to stock up for next winter.


Super cute kids character plasticware was 50% off.



My store had a great selection of Nate Berkus decorative items 50% off, which included vases, picture frames, pillows & more.


I also spotted these neat  baskets at 50% off.


I noticed an end cap full of health and beauty items marked down to 50% off.  John Frieda Frizz Ease, Dora cold packs, hair color, vitamins and more.



These really cool Burpee seed starting green house kits and seed starting systems were all 50% off.


Nice Threshold trowel and garden gift set were also sitting at 50% off.



I noticed 3 piece duvet and quilt sets were now at 50% off.


My store had a wall full of women’s canvas shoes marked down to 50% off.

I’d love to hear what clearance deals you have been finding, you can share your Target clearance deals the following ways:


Here are some readers Target shopping trips and clearance finds!   I really enjoy seeing what great deals you all are able to find at your Target stores.   Please continue to share!


Kristie totally scored…I mean seriously!!!    She found both a Nook Simple Touch and a Nook tablet at 70% off.     Oh my goodness, I am so totally jealous!!


Michelle from Le Hoarder found this carbonated water maker (similar to a SodaStream) at 70% off.


Betty found a Tom Tom navigation system at 70% off.   Score!


Betty found this battery charger at 70% off, it was only $14.98


Make sure you check out the awesome buy one get one 50% off game deals you can get at Target this week!    Linda was able to pick up all these games for $38.

I’d love to hear what clearance deals you have been finding, you can share your Target clearance deals the following ways:

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Here are the clearance items I found at my South Hill Puyallup, WA Target store. All of the items I spotted were 50-70% off. Keep in mind clearance deals will vary by location, so you may not find the exact same deals and prices at your store.


These nice Nikon Cool Pix and Olympus digital cameras were 70% off.


Super cute Hello Kitty wireless speaker system and clock radio were also 70% off.


RCA clock radio with iPhone docking station was marked down to 70%.


Memorex10 pack of burn able DVD discs were 70% off.


Dressy Mossimo shoes were all 70% off.



I was super excited to see Seahawks apparel in both men’s and women’s departments at 70% off.  I totally scooped up a t-shirt for myself.




Lots of décor including decorative pillows, vases and more were 70% off even though the sign read 30% off.


Scent Bar Los Angeles body wash and lotion was marked down to 70% off.



My store still had a great selection of Spritz party decorations, party favors, gift bags all at 70% off.  Plus, Spritz wrapping paper was also 70% off.


Super cool Angry Bird Star Wars and Tinkerbell wall decals were 70% off.  I actually bought the Tinkerbell set for my daughter’s room.


Really pretty women’s earrings were mostly 70% off, there were a few sitting at 50% off.


I found a full row of heaters and humidifiers down to 50% off.



LEGO Storage bins, charging stations and baskets finally hit 50% off.    I was shocked to see the LEGO item at 50% off, these are usually snatched up at 30% off


Bella 12 cup coffee maker was only $17.48 (50% off).


Ceramic plates and platters were 70% off.  The tart pan was 50% off.


There were 2 racks full of women’s swimwear at 50% off.    Crazy, huh?    The sunny weather hasn’t even really started here in Washington and we are already finding suits at 50% off


I noticed 2 end caps with health items that included Colgate toothpaste, crest 3D whitening rinse and more at 50% off.


Seventh Generation laundry detergent was also 50% off.     Score!!     This is an amazing deal for this brand.


Bags of Miracle-Gro organic choice potting mix were 50% off.  Nice time to stock up for all that yard work that is right around the corner.



I spotted an end cap full of grocery items at 50% off.    Market Pantry cereal was $.64 each (70% off).

We would love to hear what you have been finding on clearance, there are so many great clearance deals right now. You have several ways you can share your deals, please do any of the following:


Check out these readers Target clearance finds!  We love seeing what great deals you all are able to find at your Target stores.   Please feel free to continue to share with us!


Betty scored this Netgear streaming HD system at 70% off. it was only $14.98.


Megan and several others found a Bose sound system at 70% off.    I am totally jealous!    I was hoping to find one for my husband birthday this weekend, but no such luck for me!


Michelle from Le Hoarder found this Pan set at 70% off, it was $22.


I’m totally jealous of the Pyrex goodies that Moira found!     If you find these too, don’t forget I am pretty sure that was a $1 off coupon in a recent coupon insert.


Kristin found some kitchenware at 70% off.     I would love to have found all of these items!


Kristin found several Hello Kitty electronics items at 70% off.




Julie hit the 70% off jackpot on these Black & Decker items and on a flashlight, which is super cute by the way!


Doreen found high end beauty product.     I would be thrilled to find andy Burt’s Bees item at 70% off.


Alana was able to buy 8 pairs of leg gins, 5 shirst, an 8×10 farm and some felt flower for $30.


Lisa found a ton of good stuff!    I am wishing I would have found those Sony headphones!    She found some fun binders, note cards to send some thank you notes.  New headphones (reg. $149, paid $44.98) to jam while cleaning/working out.  She found some new work out clothes as the snow is finally melting in Minnesota.  Lastly she found a food scale.   Trips like this make me giddy!

I’d love to hear what clearance deals you have been finding, you can share your Target clearance deals the following ways: