Readers Shopping Trips & Clearance Finds

Once again we are sharing more fantastic photos of readers shopping trips and clearance finds!  Please continue to share us.


Rachel hit the jack pot!! She paid only $17.98 for this totally cool Disney Cars PIXAR riding toy!


Shannon got super lucky, this Barbie Fashion Design was marked at 30% off but it rang up at 70% off!  SCORE!


Shannon also found a Joker Rampage toy at 70% off.


Amy scored this super cool water table for 70% off.


I am a wee bit jealous of Tammi super LEGO finds, these were 50% off.


Tammi also spotted a LEGO Duplo Disney princess toy at 30% off.


Sue got a heck of a deal on this LeapFrog LeapPad 2 system, it was only $29.00.


Check out this excellent 70% off find Meaghan brought home. This Fisher-Price jumper was only $32.98 down from $109.99!


Meaghan also spotted this Fisher-Price infant-to-toddler rocker that was repackaged, it was priced at $15.51 (reg $44.99).


Meaghan was super stoked to find this smoker at 70% off. This will fit perfectly with the BBQ Grill she bought her Father!


Melanie scooped up this Room Essentials hamper for only $3.88, it was 70% off.  She also picked up a mesh laundry bag for $.58.  WOW!


Melanie was on a roll, she found a 5 piece bedding set priced at $14.98 and sheet set for only $5.98, both of these were 70% off.


Monica came across a nice selection of HP printers marked down to $44.98 (50% off).

We love to hear what clearance deals you have been finding, you can share your Target clearance deals the following ways:

Target Weekly Clearance Update

Here is the Target Weekly Clearance Update. All of these items were found at the Kent, WA location. Keep in mind that clearance varies by location, so you may not find the exact same deals at your store. You may even find something better!

mens 70

I am noticing a lot of 70% off clearance items in the men’s department. I stopped at 2 stores this week and they both had at least 2 racks full of men’s clothing at 70% off.

excercise wear

There was quite a bit of women’s exercise wear at 50% off.


I also noticed a lot of fall colored scarves at 50% off.

spy gear 50 70

Target marks down some toys in October, it’s no where near as big as when it happens in January or July, but it still is worth checking out. This week I found Spy Gear items at 50-70% off.

leap pad 2

This was a super deal! A LeapPad 2 system and extras for only $29.98.

hexbug 50

aqua bot

Hexbug and Aquabot sets for 50% off. Hexbug was $9.98 and Aquabot was $7.48.

kitchen dishes 50

These fall colored kitchen dishes were 50% off and priced at only $1.98 each.

apple peeler

I spotted this apple peeler at 50% off, it was only $9.98.


These big poufs were 50% off.

closet maid 50

Closetmaid cube shelves were also 50% off.


I have no where to put a coatrack, but I think these are super cute. They come in lots of fun colors too. These were 30% off. If it makes it to 70% off I might be able to find somewhere to put one.

gold accents

gold accents 2

Lots of home decor items with gold accents have been newly marked down to 30% off.

smith hawken 30

New 30% off markdowns on Smith & Hawken items too.


Lastly, I am finding most stores have a row of fans on clearance. They were currently 30% off at my store.

We love to hear what clearance deals you have been finding, you can share your Target clearance deals the following ways:

Readers find LEGO Sets at 70% off

lego movie set

Tammi found The LEGO Movie  Cloud Coukoo Palace LEGO set marked down to 70% off.    She got it for only $5.98.    It seriously makes me giddy when people find stuff at 70% off, but when they are LEGO sets I really get excited.    We love LEGOs at our house and especially love them when they are 70% off.

lego city

Aarthi found this LEGO City set for only $5.98, which is also 70% off. Many people have reported finding this LEGO on the regular aisle, there is no clearance sticker and the shelf tag says $5.98. This set regularly retails for $19.99, so make sure to check for this one when you head to the store.

Keep in mind that clearance deals will vary by location, but I thought these were great deals and totally worth giving you all a heads up!   Let us know if anybody else finds LEGOs on clearance at their store too.

Thanks Tammi & Aarthi!

Reader’s Target Shopping Trips & Clearance Finds

Today we are sharing some reader’s Target shopping trips and clearance finds!  We love seeing all the great deals you all are able to find.  Please, keep those pictures coming!

radio flyer reader

Check out this Radio Flyer wagon Katie scored at 70% off.  She also spotted Minnie trikes, ride on cars & more for 70% off.


Kim scooped up this cool Disney Planes tricycle for only $14.98, it was 70% off!


Kim noticed Happy’s toys were down to 70% off, they were only $5.98 each.


Nikole saw LeapFrog LeapPad 2 Explorer’s on clearance for 30% off.


Erica picked up rain boots for girls for $5.06 (reg $19.99), and snow boots for boys for $8.76 (reg $34.99), which means, these were closer to 74% off!


Erica also found boys shorts for just $2.40 each (70% off).

We love to hear what clearance deals you have been finding, you can share your Target clearance deals the following ways:

Target Weekly Clearance Update (All of these were 70% off)

Here is your Target Weekly Clearance update! I found all of these items at the Issaquah, WA Target location, which I love because it is conveniently located next to Panera Bread and Trader Joe’s (two of my other favorite places to visit).

I was surprised to find so many items marked down to 70% off.    I thought this week I would just post all the 70% off items I found.   So, everything you see here was marked down to 70% off.

step 2

I thought this Step 2 sand and water table was a super find at only $14.98!!!    If I had little ones I would have picked it up.

wireless speakers

Portable bluetooth wireless speakers were 70% off.    The smaller one was $11.98 and the larger one was $14.98.   My store had quite a few of the small ones in stock.


I found dish sets both at 70% off.

kitchen 70

There were quite a few kitchen items at 70% off including the Cake Boss and Room Essentials  items.


The Room Essentials items were 70% off and as you can see my store had a ton of the hampers.

sheet sets

They also had sheet sets at 70% off


Cozy blankets at 70% off.

bedding sets

Several different styles of bedding at 70% off.  There were pink, grey, and yellow.


Cute kids banks were 70% off.   My store had about 50 of the cupcake banks.   Crazy!

fabric loft

Fabric Loft fabric and ribbon were already marked down to 70% off.    I was kind of surprised by this, these are fairly new and they are not carried at all Target locations.

health beauty

Vitamins and hair care items were found at 70% off.   I also spotted some high end hair care items at 70% off.

bath pouf

Bath Poufs were only $.88.    These would make great stocking stuffers!

We love to hear what clearance deals you found, you can share your Target clearance deals the following ways:

Reader’s Target Shopping Trips & Clearance Finds

Here are some reader’s Target shopping trips and clearance finds!  We really enjoy seeing all the awesome deals you all are able to find at your Target stores. Please continue to share with us!


Kizzy hit the jack pot with this portable AC unit, it was 70% off.  This will be super for next summer.


Check out Katie’s super 70% off toy finds. The LEGO set was 50% off, which is awesome for LEGO!


Bridget picked up this super cute Little People play set for 70% off.


Peria got a super deal on this cardigan and pencil skirt, it was on clearance for 5.98, plus, she was able to use a cartwheel 25% offer and ended paying around $4.50 for each item.


Emile spotted really nice glass Pyrex containers for 50-70% off.


Emile also found kids tableware for 70% off, including this cool Captain Avengers cups which were only $2.39.


Cin scored this Threshold dinnerware set for only $10.06, even though it was marked “as is” she said it was in perfect condition!


Linh scooped up juice for 50% off, plus, she got a $1.75/2 juice coupon that she can use on her next transaction.

We love to hear what clearance deals you have been finding, you can share your Target clearance deals the following ways:

Target Weekly Clearance Update (The I’m sick so I’m scouting the clearance deals at version)

I was really looking forward to heading to Target to scout out the clearance deals, there have been several items I was hoping would make it to 70% off today. Sadly, I am home with the flu.   So, instead I decided to give you all a weekly clearance update for since I can do that from the comfort of my bed.

There are lots of great clearance deals at with some items marked down to 65% off.   I personally found lots I like in the home decor section.  They also have a buy one get one 50% off shoes sale for the whole family that included clearance items!!


Room Essentials Twin XL Triangle Bed In A Bag
$17.48   (reg $49.99)   SAVE 65%


Xhilaration Abstract Texture Comforter Set
$19.24-$22.74   (reg $54.99-$64.99)   SAVE 65%

Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 11.30.39 AM

Threshold Flocked Damask Stick Lamp
$14.98  (reg $24.99)   SAVE 40%

Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 11.34.36 AM

Laser-Cut Mirrored Tile (Yellow)
$10.48 (reg $29.99) SAVE 65%

Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 11.05.39 AM

Junior’s Denim Jacket
$17.48   (reg $34.99)   SAVE 50%

Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 11.10.13 AM

Men’s Merona Ezra Sneakers
$11.48   (reg $22.99)   SAVE 50%
*These are part of the buy one get one 50% off sale*


Urban Republic Boys’ 4-Pocket Windbreaker Jacket
$12.48   (reg $24.99)   SAVE 50%


Girl’s Cherokee Grace Fashion Boots
$12.48   ($24.99)   SAVE 50%
*These are part of the buy one get one 50% off sale*


Calphalon Kitchen Essentials 5 Quart Enamel Cast Iron Dutch Oven (blue)
$59.98   (reg $99.99)   SAVE 40%


Women’s Stone and Flower Accent Frontal Statement Necklace
$6.98   (reg $19.99)   SAVE 65%


Cherokee Infant Girls’ 3 Piece Hair Clips
$2.50  (reg $5.00)   SAVE 50%


Disney Sofia the First Perfect Princess Curtsy Doll
$4.78   (reg $7.99)   SAVE 40%


LEGO Chima Tower Target
$5.94   (reg $8.49)   SAVE 30%

Please leave a comment and let us know what great clearance deals you are finding at Target so everyone will know what to look for when they head to their store!

Target Weekly Clearance Update (70% off Summer, Grill, Kitchen, Room Essentials & more)

Here is a look at the items I found on clearance this week at the Sunrise Puyallup, WA location.  Keep in mind that many clearance deals will vary by location, so you may not find the exact same deals at your store.  We would love to hear what you are finding!


I spotted Weber and Chefmate BBQ covers 70% off.


Grilling accessories were all marked down to 70% off, including these Chefmate serving kits.


Big umbrellas were also 70% off.


Summer items are now 70% off, I was surprised to see how much was left.


This time I found a Room Essentials folding table 70% off, it was only $5.98.


In the kitchen department I found lots of glass sets and decanters for 70% off.


Bella Coffee maker, Bella Deluxe Cake pop kit and sticks, plus, lots of kitchen accessories were 50% off.


My store had a nice selection Cake Boss items for 30% off.  They had cake pans, cookie sheets, cake servers, whisks and more.


Nice floor lamps were 50% off.


I noticed a lot of nice of markdowns on bedding sets, this 8 piece bedding set & 3 piece duvet cover set were 70% off.  There were quiet a few sheets sets for 50% off.


Super cute Circo quilt and shams sets were 50% off.


I saw a nice mix of 7 piece kids bedding sets, they were 30% off.


Adorable art for kids were 50% off.  These would be great to hang in kids rooms.


Another cute item for kids rooms I found were these desk caddy’s, they were also 50% off.


A few toys were 50% off, My Lil Pony dolls, games, Sofia the first. The Monster high items were 30% off.


Spritz and other miscellaneous party supplies and party favors were 70% off.


Atlantic media towers were 50% off.


I also found a few tv’s for 15-20% off, including this 39″ Magnavox LED TV, it was 20% off.


There was an end cap full of pet toys for 70% off, even though the sign still read 30%.


Swimwear for women was down to 70% off.



Health and Beauty items were 50% off.  Gillette razors and shave gel for men, listerene mouthwash and cute chevron bags, lots of shampoo & more.



Lastly, I found some nice markdowns on household items, 3 different types of Kleenex for 50% off, and Method soap ranged from 30-50% off.

We love to hear what clearance deals you have been finding, you can share your Target clearance deals the following ways: